100+ Unique Happy 49th Birthday Wishes, Celebration, Quotes, Messages

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes

Turning into 49 is an wiser milestone now you are stepping into mature life. You are lucky enough to call someone your close friend. And you have found yourself truly blessed. With this special person and you feel totally complete with them. Because only a best friend is the one always there for you every time when you need him. Only a best friend who is always with you in every situation whenever you need his attention. Today let’s celebrate his or her Happy birthday with more joy. And happiness this year by sending them 49th Birthday Wishes.

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes To Me

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes

  • Every needle on that face tells me that I know, I only know, a happy 49th birthday!

  • It seems like your heart is a black hole that can be filled with love and you are now enjoying a special day.

  • I can not give much, but you already have my heart, I wish you a good day, I love you

  • For the moment, I want you to know that you are the best person for me, you have always been, dad.

  • Today is the day you have to celebrate fully, fill it with the happiness you deserve.

  • Happy 49th birthday, always laugh and be happy, you deserve to be, my dear.

  • Whether it’s sunny today or it’s raining or snowing, I’ll be there to celebrate, darling.

  • Love, let no one stop you from doing what you want, you deserve to be happy.

  • Go ahead, go out, you deserve this day and you deserve a break. Happy 49th birthday wishes for you.

  • Happy, happy 49th birthday, I just want you to have excellent health and a long life.

  • You are the gift of God that I will feed to my life, a happy day for you, a woman.

  • My husband, we spent so many years together and enjoyed this special day.

  • I assure you that these holidays will be the best for you.

  • Let’s go on the way of the past, when we celebrate your special day, you should smile.

  • Happy 49th birthday, let your special day be filled with happiness.

  • Stop looking so dark and have fun, people deserve it all the time, enjoy life.

  • What you need to do is enjoy your life and live it, you have to relax a bit more.

  • I hope you will continue to laugh and that you will always try to enjoy this life, okay?

  • Happy 49th birthday, sometimes you would like to revive and make one.

  • May this day be the day you want to come back years later in my life, my daughters.

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes For Mother


Birthday of a best friend is so special for every one of us. It is only the best and memorable day to celebrate the arrival of our wonderful. Amazing, idiot, beautiful, stupid, surprising and all types of friends on this earth. Some best birthday wishes, messages, quotes and sayings for best friend. Can be very helpful to express our love and care for them. Be your close friend forever a male or female. And you should never hesitate to wish them on their special day by sweet, unique and cute birthday wishes. Sometimes your birthday greetings for best friend can be so funny too. After all in deep relationship only a friend does not mind being teased by you every now and then.

happy Birthday wishes 49 year old

Birthday Wishes Happy 49th Birthday Funny Quotes:

  • Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, because I am with you here, my love.

  • My darling, no one else has shown me love like you, I want you to know that I care about you.

  • Have fun while we enjoy your special day because you have made an effort to live.

  • A year before your years, there is only one thing with you, there is more, happy 49th birthday!

  • Keep visiting people like you always have and enjoy your life, I love you so much.

  • I think you should have a good day to show people that there is still kindness in this world.

  • Mom, thank you for always taking care of me since I was a happy little day for you.

  • I prepared your breakfast for fun, try it and try it to see if it’s ok, Mom.

  • Happy 49th birthday, you have so many years and always shine as you have always done, I love you so much.

  • You deserve all the care that we bring you for years and years, mom.

  • Now, I look back and see you laughing like now.

  • I bet this day will be the best, because you deserve to be happy, you really deserve it.

  • And when no one tells you to take care of me, I will, so stop and enjoy your day!

  • I know you will do the same, so let me travel the world to be with you the big day.

  • Happy birthday to the beautiful person that the Lord gave me as a mother, I love you very much!

  • You really fascinate me, even after all these years, you always carry my interest, a happy day for you.

  • Do not let others tell you that you are old, that you are young enough to try new things!

  • This is the moment that I will always keep as I do, I wish you a happy 49th birthday!

  • Sometimes you have to tell yourself that everything is fine, that life is such that you will feel lost.

  • Happy 49th birthday, my beautiful is what you are and have always been, enjoy your day.

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes For Father

49th birthday wishes

Only the best friends are the real assets of your life. And your life would become full boring and dull with out them. Your best friend always make you a beautiful laugh. And make you sad and sorrowful when if they go away from you. And also fight for you and play with you etc. Friends are always play a great part in your life. Because only the best friends is that when you are hurt by some thoughts and tricks. Then only your best friend will do anything to make you laugh and so happy. And they always will stand for your support. A best friend can handle all your stupid stuff and can fight for you with everyone. Best friend can listen to you that you want to say and understand them. He or she loves you truly and you love your best friend too.

Happy 49th Birthday Funny Wishes:

  • You deserve a little luck after all you have left, so rejoice as it is today.

  • They love people who are close to you and your family and they will also be by your side.

  • You are part of something bigger than you, the family, the people with whom you can run, happy birthday!

  • Do not worry too much for tomorrow, focus on the day, okay, darling?

  • I bet it will be a fun and exciting day for you, I wish you a happy 49th birthday, darling.

  • To have a brother like you, you win every chance, I’m happy to have you, enjoy today!

  • Your special day is a celebration to celebrate, enjoy life and a happy birthday, my sister.

  • May this day be filled with overflowing happiness so that you too can have a very happy life.

  • All the gifts you will receive right now, Happy 49th Anniversary!

  • I am very grateful for all that you have done for me in this life, enjoy it today.

  • When he comes tomorrow, know that I am with you no matter what happened, a happy day for you!

  • Yesterday, you were just a child and now you are all great. You like to enjoy the time of your life.

  • Happy 49th birthday, keep laughing and always remember that I will always be there.

  • You really are a person who inspires others, can not be more proud, happy birthday.

  • Every day you become more and more fantastic, I hope you enjoy it today.

  • There is no day when I do not thank the heavens that send you, you have a good and pleasant day.

  • The experience is a good teacher and I bet you have learned from a very happy 49th birthday!

  • Indeed, you must see how much you count for all of us, enjoy and spend a happy day.

  • I can only hope to enjoy life and stay happy.

  • The time really passes when you have fun, I hope you are happy and that you will enjoy.

Happy 49th Birthday wishes for friend

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes

Only one more year to go and your best friend is going to hit the big five. Being 49 should be something that is worth celebrating and talking about. Birthdays are very special and precious moments for all of us. If your best friend are forgets to wish you on your big day. There is chances are high that you will never forget them that they didn’t. It is very important to wish birthday to loved ones, best friends, parents and family on their special day. Also put a beautiful smile on their beautiful face.

Funny Happy 49th Birthday Wishes For Wife:

  • In all that you do, always put your happiness in front of you, happy 49th birthday, my darling.

  • Happy 49th birthday, despite all these years spent with you, you are always more beautiful.

  • The power to be happy is in your hands, so use it wisely and spend the happiest day!

  • Happy birthday to the man I loved, you are really the best person I have ever met.

  • From this day, know that I will always greet you with open arms, if you need me.

  • I am grateful to have the opportunity to fall in love, I hope you are happy too, my dear.

  • These moments, I love you and I wish you a happy 49th birthday.

  • You are the love of my life, otherwise I would not have my life, thank you.

  • Once again, I thank all the gods who gave me, by letting me spend my life with you, a happy birthday!

  • Happy 49th birthday, continue to enjoy the life that God has given you and remain happy.

  • Woman, what is your answer to all my prayers for a kind and beloved wife, thank you.

  • Let’s do something special to celebrate today, celebrate another birthday, I love you.

  • You were born forty-nine years ago and you’re still the same, my son, happy 49th birthday!

  • This world can sometimes feel lonely, but you make it happier, enjoy it today and enjoy life.

  • You must have fun and have tons of alcohol in your body to be as happy as possible.

  • Happy 49th birthday, we went through the storms and only strengthened our love.

  • This holiday would help you, celebrate your life is something you can be proud of.

  • When no one tells you what your height is, I’ll do it, so I’m glad you’re my father.

  • I’m so proud of you, things you did in your life, not for anyone but you, mom.

  • During all the time you insulted me, I still love you, thank you for everything, my dear father.

 100 Happy 49th Birthday Wishes For Male & Female

49th Birthday wishes makes many people feel loved and remembered. A call for wishing, text or even a Facebook message. Always goes a long way in saying we care and love about you. A simple call from special one at midnight to wish Happy Birthday. And also a bouquet of flowers with a greeting card and chocolates does the trick. Here is Top 100 Happy 49th Birthday Wishes For Male & Female for you. Select and send to your special one and make their day more special and memorable.

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes

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  • I tried to tell you that everything would be fine and that they would be, so enjoy your special day today, okay, sister?

  • You have to save yourself a little and enjoy what you have now, a happy birthday!

  • There is no one I can rely on when I do not feel well, but you have the happiest day.

  • You always gave me strength when I felt that I wanted to give up, and today enjoy your big day!

  • Birthday parties are at a very advanced age. But a person like the one you collect flashes every day! I am so happy that God has sent you into this world. Happy 49th birthday, darling!

  • If it’s 50 on the hill, then 49 must be at the top of the world!Happy 49th birthday! You are not 49, you are 29 years old and have 20 years of experience. Happy 49th birthday!

  • Forget your senility, get together, enjoy life, happy 49th birthday!

  • Happy 49th birthday. I wish you a happy look and gifts with a bright future.

  • Happy birthday to the most distinguished and recognized guy I know. Have a wonderful day and stay blessed. Happy Birthday! Happy 49th birthday!

  • Do you have the happiness that your emotions can control? All the smiles that fire could gather; All the beauty that feeling can develop; Get the best of the universe in everything. I wish you a happy 49th birthday!

  • I am happy to have another chance to send you a deeper feeling. When you buy nectarine furniture, your day will be unforgettable. Happy 49th birthday to a sweet girl.

  • Each tower has its own story. You must have a lot of stories. Happy 49th birthday filled with happiness and joy!

  • There is only one year left until you are 50 years old. It is acceptable to lie without aging. You are still as beautiful and incredible as ever. Blowing 49 candles will be an effort.

  • Happy 49th birthday. I wish you a happy look and gifts with a bright future.

  • You have seen or experienced many wonderful things all these years. I hope you continue the same thing. Happy 49th birthday!

  • It’s your birthday! This meaning goes beyond your birthday today. It is a celebration of someone who is loved and admired. Happy 49th birthday!

  • I just wanted you to know that I’ve always been proud of you forever! I wish you a happy 49th birthday!

  • The older you become, the more valuable you become. I think your value is invaluable. Happy 49th birthday!

  • If you thought I wished you good luck for a happy birthday and you leave, you are wrong! I am here to look for an anniversary and a gift! I wish you a happy birthday.

  • This is just one of many happy birthdays for you. Brothers and sisters are a nice reward for a pretty powerful reward I’ve ever had, it’s you! I wish you the best for your 49 years!

  • I wish you the 49th birthday! Happy 49th birthday to my friend

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