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happy 42nd birthday

Turning into a new age is bliss and a blessing to anyone and also everyone. Birthdays are only the best reasons to celebrate and always be happy and glad. Birthdays only come once in a year and they can be very special days for the celebrant. Birthdays can also be a very special time for a great laugh, enjoy, love, happiness, and jokes. They always represent the perfect opportunity to cut loose and have a beautiful little fun time. After a long week at very tough work. Most of the job holder people look forward to the weekend. When they can enjoy their spare time at home with their great families. 42nd Birthday Wishes greatly inspire the birthday celebrants.

Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes

happy 42nd birthday Wishes

  • They say at 42 you are on the hill and you know what happens when you go up the hill. Is not it? Oh, gees. Do you want to know? OK, that’s it. When you have finished your account.

  • But I will try to send my wishes, my dear, very happy birthday, with clear expressions.

  • You will never know how much you miss, you have left the broken heart of those who loved you so much. No more tears and endless sorrow would simply disappear if you could celebrate your special day today. This birthday token brings you, love, it’s a simple gesture to tell you how precious you are. You always want to say as much. Happy 42nd birthday!

  • I can not express the love I really have for you. However, I will continue to try as much as possible.

  • Life is so fast, the years pass quickly; We are aging, this life will not last.

  • They say that life improves every year. But what I know is getting more and more expensive.

  • I will tell you carefully, I will tell you that, I will clarify, you are my star.

  • Three precious little words that everyone can write; Three precious words, I will say it with pleasure. I love you, I love you this birthday; I love you, I love you I can not say anything else.

  • Long after the day of joy gone; Long after, the flowers have lost their fragrance.

  • My birthday wish will all survive; Winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

  • 42 and like a good wine that lasts to perfection. Happy 42nd birthday!

  • May your days be filled with eternal joy, which no one can destroy.

  • You know how to age when a candle costs more than a cake, said Bob Hope. I just saw the price of your candles. Thanks! Happy 42nd birthday!

  • The happiness we share can not be abandoned; No rain or clouds.

  • I’m still going to try to write a little word, my darling; In expressing this day, let me show you how much I care about myself.

  • So, as this day ends quickly, please accept the words that I compiled.

  • On this special day, I send you my best wishes for another year, filled with real happiness.

  • Every time I met you for the first time, my very dear and precious person; You filled my world with warmth, as bright as the sun.

  • You are not 42, you are 18 years old and have 24 years of experience. Happy 42nd birthday!

  • Let me tell you how I feel about this special day. More thoughts, like birdsGet off of me today.

On this special day, many peoples can celebrate like a child. Birthdays are come and go and everyone grows up a year every year gradually. People forget all their tensions and do hangover with their close friends. You might be getting older now but you can’t ignore your special day. Because many peoples ignore their special day. These 42 Birthday Wishes will help you to wish your Parents. Brother, Sister, Friend, Neighbour and Family Member. Birthday is jams, party balloons, and also noisy crowds. Sometimes you think you may want that perfect kind of celebration for your big day. But you realized it is not always in your head when you are already 42 years old. You may just wander around the special corner, drink your vodka. And also stare at the strangers nearby in the pub.

Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes for sister



  • Birthdays and anniversaries come; But all year long, my love, I will show.

  • Birthdays remind us of life so sweet; We take for granted almost those we meet.

  • I never enjoy your life, you are a gift for me; It’s very obvious for everything you really see.

  • The birthday is a precious moment to stop and think of yourself. The birthday is a special moment where thoughts revolve around.

  • This is the best gift I can make: to prove that my wish will really live.

  • No one else can take your place, you are so kind; How can I say it? Some lines to see.

  • Happy 42nd birthday, dear big brother. Happy for all the good and bad times we have gone through. Today, we have become tough and big. Enjoy your good day.

  • You are here in an age group that defines the age. I’m sure it will be a great adventure, but do not get old fast. Happy 42nd birthday, dear woman.

  • May 42 brings you things against the norm and the current world race. Happy birthday my dear.

  • According to the standards of aging, it has been found that you are the youngest and best man of 42 years of your life. 42 Happy 42nd birthday, sir.

  • You became a veteran who grew up. I hope you will rest now or calm down. Happy birthday, dad. May it be a wonderful year. Be blessed.

  • When this kind of weather happens, people start thinking about 50, do not think about 50, enjoy the present age, how your life improves by celebrating today. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • Mom, like no other, how fast are we growing up and have we forgotten that you too are old? But we want to celebrate you today as if it were the biggest day of our lives. Happy birthday to the 42nd mom.

  • Happy birthday, dad. You’ve told me about some of your dreams for a long time, but I want you to know that aging should not stop you from pursuing them. Enjoy a new adventure.

  • Happy 42nd birthday, great dad, you told us to enjoy it today because tomorrow can never happen. Today, I tell you the same thing, dad, enjoy this day as if it were the last. I love you.

  • You explained to us the secret of stress management, which is the subject of one thought on the other. Since then, he has worked like magic. Happy birthday to the 42nd mom. Today, we give priority to your joy.

  • Thank you for finding me in the dark when I did not have the strength to help me in any way. I will always be grateful for your undeniable generosity. Happy 42nd birthday of friends.

  • One of my dreams is to travel the world with you, you deserve it and so much more to give us to this day. Happy birthday to the 42nd mom. I love you so much

  • A good woman gives birth to great children because she will always be sure to succeed in all areas. You are an example of a good woman. Happy 42nd birthday to your sweet mother.

  • Happy 42nd birthday, my darling, I have aged with you as if it were a dream, and I love you forever.

  • Even you start to wonder the person, if you may want to talk to someone special when somebody catches your eye.

It has been scientifically proven that people who eat more cake and smile more. They always hope for nicer things and generally lead good lives filled with so much love. Birthdays are always a very perfect time for old and close friends. Always to catch up with one another after long absences apart of time. Birthday parties can be like mini weekend celebrations. Wherein many people can relax and take a break to celebrate. One memorable activity during birthdays is sharing in the hilarity of friends funny birthday pictures. Also knowing that you’ll have the great memories of that laughter even when the candles have been blown out on the cake. Also, 42 birthday wishes have been made your birthday very special for you.

Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes For Brother

happy 42nd birthday images

  • For 42 years, since I’ve been happy to be here and see how you get older, you’re wiser and happier every year, you’re blessed every day of your life.

  • I know the best days of my life start with you. I hope you enjoy the 42nd birthday and all the other candles you will need.

  • Number 42 is a blessed number, it’s a number you think you’ve seen in life, but it’s still a time when there’s still a lot to do. Enjoi it.

  • My happy 42nd, my dear friend, I can not believe it’s been so long since we’ve been together for many years, my friend.

  • It’s too late to live with regret Enjoy it today and do not worry about tomorrow, it’s my wish for you at 42 years old.

  • Happy woman of my life, my 42nd birthday, I thought I already loved her, but getting to know you with her brought you to the second level. I hope more people will know our kind of love, it’s the best.

  • Heroic mother, a mother like no other, a mother who works every time, especially when nobody knows it. Happy 42nd birthday, sweet mom. You are the best in my life.

  • As a warrior, you have won on all events. Today, everyone is singing your praises. We are happy with your success, we have brought relief to many people. 42nd birthday model.

  • Today, I want to wish you a lot of laughs and a happy heart that will never suffer again. Happy 42nd birthday, dear dad.We wish you a long life.

  • Each person is unique in relation to his goal and I have never seen a man so huge. Happy 42nd birthday, sir. Continue climbing the stairs of this time.

  • Your contribution to the economy of this society shocked people, no one could expect from a man as humble as you.

  • Keep it always well. Happy 42nd birthday of friends.

  • At 42, you feel great in everything you live. Feel less stressed and your joy is always fulfilled. Stay a blessed lady.

  • You have never felt old to take care of your family and influence us. You are a really special person, in all respects, a person can be special. Happy birthday, Dad.

  • You know that what I love most about your personality are your humble nature and your strong personality. Continue Happi 42nd birthday.

  • I have just learned the beauty of life and the path of happiness. You are my real mentor. I wish you a wonderful life. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • Happy birthday to my best friend in the world. We have the same year, the same experience and the same date of birth. You are my companion. Be blessed.

  • You count a lot for me, whether you are 42 or 82 years old. We will be together until the end. You have a wonderful birthday.

  • May this year be your best birthday and all your sorrows turn into real happiness. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • I love my life because you are in my life. I wish you a happy 42nd birthday. let your dream come true.

Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes For Male & Female

It is very difficult to find a precious word to express your deep feelings of love with your childhood friends on their 42nd birthday. Here is a beautiful solution to your problems. Your 42nd birthday wishes to work perfectly in a very unique way. And all your daring dreams come true. Now you might still enjoy the lots of funny photos of daughters celebrating birthdays with her family. Now we have prepared a special and unique words list of 42nd Birthday Wishes and messages. Hope you find Wish according to your mode and choice. Now you can select from this top 100 Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes For Male & Female and send to your loved ones.

Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes for Mother & Father

happy 42nd birthday to me

  • Forget your age and live every moment of your life. Let them bring you all that is new and exciting. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • Life has different stages. Do not worry about aging. Enjoy what you are not happy about. I wish you a happy 42nd birthday.

  • Enjoy your day, tomorrow and the next day, and keep it completely, because you will miss all those beautiful memories in old age. I wish you a happy life. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • True happiness comes when you find the right companion. But you are my real partner. Without a doubt. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • 65.}Over time, you get older, but do not worry and become wiser. I wish you a happy and happy life. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • Age is like old wine. This gives a better taste when it is old. So, the best moment of life is yet to come. I wish you a happy 42nd birthday.

  • You have an ocean of knowledge and a good sense of humor and I like spending time with you. Have a nice day. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • You have been absolutely beautiful for 42 years. A lot of charm, great personality. I love you my brother Happy 42nd birthday.

  • Be happy and keep others happy. This must be the first priority in life. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • Leave that beautiful smile on your lips and you will see a lot of happiness in your life. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • You are a man of heart with 42 years of experience. We wish you a wonderful life. Happy Birthday

  • You have just entered the list of elderly people. Enjoy this phase of your life. Happy Birthday

  • All you need is love. So, I’m here to spend the day. I want you to get everything you love most. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • You always respect me and measure me in the balance of love. Your devotion is my life. Happy 42nd birthday, my dear husband. I wish you real pleasure in life.

  • You always see a good picture of the life that helps others to give you pleasure and not to help you. We wish you the best. Have a good life for yourself. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • You are the head of our family. Your suggestions, advice, and opinions are important to us. In fact, our life owes you. We pay

  • all our best wishes for a birthday. You have a lot more.

  • You have done everything to make us happy and, in fact, always do it. God bless you. We wish you a happy life. Happy 42nd birthday.

  • Happy birthday, our 42nd birthday! Leave all your desiresand all your worries are removed.

  • May this 42th birthday be happy, filled with the love and joy of all. Have fun completely.

  • Be the joy that remains in the hearts of many people. Happy 42nd birthday, many years for you and all you hope for.

  • May this 42nd birthday be the best for the moment, I love you and I hope you always have a reason to rejoice and be happy.

  • Happy 42nd birthday, darling, you spend your day with your smile, I hope it will remain intact when you grow up.

  • My love for you never dies, never fades and is always enough. I hope you will become more kind, honest and more competent. Happy 42nd dear!

  • May the grace of the Lord be seen for you 42 years and every day of your life in this beautiful country. Happy Birthday!

  • Make a lot of memories, so when you’re 42, you’ll have something to laugh about and say you’ve lived. Happy Birthday!

  • Rejoice and be happy because it’s your 42nd birthday, you have a lot to live and a lot more to meet you. Anniversari hearti!

  • I like the fact that I share with you the 42nd birthday. It gives me so much joy and peace that I see you as merciful.

  • Be the joy of others and live in the legacy of your terrible behind, I hope all your wishes will be fulfilled when you turn off 42 candles.

  • Be the happiest birthday, share a cake with your family and friends and discover the magic of time. Happy 42nd dear!


happy 42nd birthday cake

  • It’s a wonderful day to celebrate someone special like you. Have fun at your 42nd birthday, remember that age is just a number. I love you!

  • You know how to age when a candle costs more than a cake, said Bob Hope. I just saw the price of your candles. Thanks!Happy 42nd birthday!

  • You are not 42, you are 18 years old and have 24 years of experience.Happy 42nd birthday!

  • 42 and like a good wine that lasts to perfection.Happy 42nd birthday!

  • They say at 42 you are on the hill and you know what happens when you go up the hill. Is not it? Oh, geez. Do you want to know?OK, that’s it. When you have finished your account.

  • 42 not finished. The hill really started. You do not believe me? Try to climb the right hill. Happy 42nd birthday!

  • Some things improve with time, like full cheese and good wine. As you get older, your temper is better calibrated. Happy 42nd birthday!

  • Birthdays are like cocoa patties. If you think of yourself, it makes you sick! Happy 42nd birthday!

  • Be close to someone who makes you happy. But closer to someone who can be happy without you. Have a wonderful day!

  • Wishing you everything that makes you happy for your birthdayand always is blessed. Happy 42nd birthday!

  • Happy 42nd birthday. May your day be full ofnice chocolates and pints of prosecco!

  • Happy 42nd birthday! Hoping that your 42nd is sentincredibly new and exciting like your 20 years only doubly so!


happy 42nd birthday cake

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