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happy heavenly birthday dad

Happy Birthday Wishes For In Heaven Dad

In this article, you will get to know the importance of having a good dad in life. Moreover, you will also get highlighted with the different birthday wishes that you can use to wish your birthday to your heaven dad. Fathers develop the mental and physical health of a child in a very good way. He always does his best to give his child the best things in life.  For a child, a father is his best friend. He shares every good and bad to him without any worries or tension. Our father is our biggest support who loves us unconditionally and helps us in every bad phase of our life.

Birthday Wishes For In Heaven Dad

We can never give the best replacement of a dad because the care and love of the dad toward his child can not be replaced or compared. A child misses his dad very much and wants to be him every day and night. He remembers each and every sentence spoken by his dad.

Wishing a birthday to heaven dad is really not easy. He is no more with us so we can not easily tell him that how much we love him . We want to hug him and make his birthday the most memorable one but due to the different realities of life we can not do this thing.  We can just wish him with our good and pure words. With the help of our good words, we can make his birthday more special. As he is already blessed because he is living with the Lord but we can make him more happy by praying for him on his big day.

Another good way of wishing your Heaven Dad birthday is to blow a candle and make a wish for him. You have to be happy for him because he is watching you somewhere near God. So, when it is the day of your heaven dad birthday can cut a cake for him by wishing him with love and smile.

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We have discussed different ways of wishing your heaven dad birthday. You can choose the best one and make the big day of your heaven dad more special for him. He is no more with you but you can make his birthday special to show his worth and value in your life. You can send him a very good and kind birthday wish by describing his worth in your life and the thing that how your life suddenly changed when he left you.

Birthday Wishes For In Heaven Dad

That man is a star, who has lived well always smiled and enjoyed a lot, who has acquired the admiration of intelligent men and the affection of children, who has filled his niche and accomplished his work. Who leaves the planet better than he found it, who has never lacked or struggled to show an admiration of the goodness of the earth, who sought for the best of others and offered the best he had.


You showed me courage, honour, modesty, and the importance of having a fun time, too. I just can no longer work out how to do the last part. Happy birthday, Pops, I hope you’re in Heaven having a nice time.


I really can’t describe the love and encouragement that you gave me when you were here. I’m always glad to have a great father like you. I was made a happier person by your upbringing. Love your daddy. In my prayers, I’ll always remember you.


Anyone can become a father but being a dad takes a century. A father is the most important person for a child. He is the most important pillar in the family. A child is incomplete without a father. He lives his life in a more beautiful and excited way when he is having a wonderful dad in his life. Fathers give their child the ability to spend their life with joy and love.  Fathers play a very important role in the upbringing of a child. He makes the future secure and protective with the complete security.

Happy Birthday wishes in heaven Father

Birthday Wishes For In Heaven Dad

Happy birthday Dad in the stars. You came into being on a day like this many years ago, and because of your tremendous intelligence and wit, you left a different place. I still want to tell you a lot in person, but I still will, one day.

It’s so rough and it scares me, Daddy, that you’re not with me here. You told me something, and now when I think about you, my tears are rolling down on my cheeks. And when I think of our period, I smile. Thank you, as you are, for my wonderful childhood. I’ll remember you, like the last time I saw you. Happy birthday Dad in Heaven, I’m always going to love and pray for you.

No matter where you are now, Dad, I just want you to know that you’re missing me. I really loved you, even though we disagreed or had misunderstandings, and secretly understood that you were right. Dad, happy birthday. You’re without me.


Cute dad, I wish you a happy birthday and I hope that in heaven you will receive my prayers and wishes and always be happy wherever you are.


Today I miss you badly, my daddy and my best friend. You’re now in heaven, and on your big day, I feel so sorry. Daddy, I love you, and I always miss you. Nice day!


Dear Dad, this is to say, ‘Happy birthday to you.’ Today you would have been 81! I know that you are dead, now up in Heaven, and looking back at us.

Yet I know, too, that you are still with me here, and that gives me great comfort.


He is our best secret keeper. We share as many secrets to him as we want to. He never disclose our secrets to any other family member. He wants to see us happy always and for this our father perform every possible thing he can ever do. He fulfill our complete wishes and give us the best. We don’t need a friend when we have a caring and loving father with us.

Happy Birthday wishes in heaven dad


Maybe God loves and admires you more that’s why he took you back earlier. I miss you so much, Happy Birthday in heaven.


You are one in a million Dad. No, one in a billion. In fact, you have affected me more than a billion would. Happy Birthday in the land of no returns.


Dad today is a very special day for me because it is the day of your birthday, and days like today were very happy because we all joined that day to celebrate, now that you are in heaven we remember you and miss you so much, happy Dad’s birthday.


Heaven Dad are blessed because he is living with the blessings of the Lord but as you are his child you can celebrate his birthday even without him to make the big day of your dad most memorable one. He is no more with you but he is watching you somewhere in the sky and wants to see you smiling always.



Living without you is beyond difficult, dad, but I try my best to carry on and be happy because I know that’s what you would have wanted. You would never have wanted to see me sad. Wishing you a happy birthday today, my dear father.


Happy birthday, my beloved dad. Although you are in heaven now, the lessons you taught me as a child have continued to shape my life. My love for you is as strong as ever.


Dearest dad, I know you are up there in heaven, looking down on us. I just want to wish you a very wonderful birthday and I hope you will remain at peace wherever you may be. I miss you daddy.


Dad, I’m deeply grateful that I have had you as a dad. The things you’ve taught me will forever be with me. Even if you are no longer here every day I take with me your guidance and love. In heaven, happy birthday. I so much miss you.


Dear dad, I want you to know on your birthday that you are really an inspiration to us all, a friend and a coach, Happy Birthday!


Papa, you’re the family’s most powerful member, and for one and everyone… happy birthday dad, you are the pillar of power.


A good father helps us in every aspects of life. He tells us the good and bad of life. With the help of his lessons and training we can achieve every goal in life. Whenever we are in a dark room of life there is only our father who makes us stronger and helps us to go through the most difficult phase of life in a very smooth way.  He teaches us to choose the correct people in life. With the help of his advice we can achieve the right goals in life.

Birthday Wishes dad in heaven from daughter

Birthday Wishes For In Heaven Dad

Your heart is made of diamonds, dad, and I wish they would always glitter on you! Happy birthday of peace and laughter.


My Awesome Dad’s Happy Birthday. Your special day is here! We’re celebrating! A year older again but in my mind, you’re already a rock star!


I promise to try not to remind you about all the bad stuff I did when I was a teenager on your birthday. You’re greeted. Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday!


I know that I have not always been the ideal boy. Thank you for fixing the little stuff that I broke and teaching me how to repair my own mistakes when I grew up. Enjoy today’s birthday. Oh I love you!


Dad, I wish you all good luck and good health as you enjoy this wonderful day of your life! Thank you so much for being my world’s inspiring ray of light.


Aged scotch is the finest scotch. It’s just a metaphor, and way too pricey. I didn’t bring you an aged Scotch. May I bring you scotch? Perhaps one of those bottles of aeroplanes… Oh yeah, I almost forgot, happy birthday!


I am the best I can be, for you have taught me never to give up. Daddy, happy birthday!


Laughter and love are the greatest things you brought me, dad! Thank you for that and I wish you a birthday of happiness!

Dear Dad, you have taught me how amazing this world is and how to face my life’s struggles and tough times. Thanks for anything and Happy Daddy’s birthday.


A good father teaches the child to get social with people in good ways. He teaches us to respect the elders and love the younger ones. He is our best teacher and tells us how to deal with different problems in life. We become more stronger and happier with our dad. A good level of self confidence is developed in our self with the help of our dad.  We always remember our dads lesson and we always do our best to make him happy by obeying every order of our father.

Birthday Wishes dad in heaven from son


Numerous happy returns, dear dad! A courageous and lovely dad such as you is the secret to a very happy household. I am proud of you and I hope that God will continue to raise you up and heighten your greatness.


Oh dear Dad! I will never forget your tremendous sacrifices during our struggling time no matter how much I will accomplish in my life! We owe you so much for the success we are having today! I hope any baby gets a dad like you! Happy birthday to my beloved father! Will you be rewarded by Heaven!


You told me to laugh when I grow up, and I think you’ll laugh on your special day.
Happy birthday to my amazing dad and best friend of mine! I love you and wish you a day full of fun! Dad’s Happy Birthday


In the ambitions, expectations and expectations he sets not only for himself, but 
for his family, the quality of father can be seen.
You’ve been the person I looked up to (and still do) for so many years, and now you’re one of my best people to hang out with. Best of the worlds of both! Dad, love you!
Dad, I suppose maybe it’s time to ditch your lighter. To light too many candles, you need to get a flamethrower. Young kid, happy birthday!
Each moment I spend with you is the greatest. I assume this will be replicated for many years to come. Dad’s Happy Birthday! Could God grant you a safe life for many years!
 Dad, I want you to know that I always miss you, regardless of the misunderstandings and disagreements we’ve had. I’m going to give you something just to relive those memories, Dad. Happy birthday, dad.
Dad, I know that when you were younger, you might look back and think that your glory days were in the past. But I’m here to tell you that these are your days of glory, when you have a family that respects and worships the hero you were for us. For your self-sacrifice, we treasure you; for your wisdom, we cherish you; and for your humble spirit, we love you. We hope we will make these years the best years of life for you. Happy birthday, my awesome dad.

When a child loses his father he basically lost the most important part of his life. He feels completely lost and the reason of his happiness is gone forever. When we loss our dad then our best teacher, moderator, companion, a good fellow and a best friend is gone forever. A child feels exhausted when his dad leaves him alone. His heart tears into pieces.

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven Quotes

happy birthday in heaven dad

Your birthday makes me wonder: without you, what will I do? Without your relentless support, without you still being overprotective. I love you back and forth to the Stars, and even more. I wish that you will live forever and spend as long as possible with me. Nice birthday!
I’m grateful to love my father with all my heart. I’m very grateful to have a father who loves me with all his heart. Happy Birthday my Hero
I am impressed that your sense of humour has not lost its touch, even as the number of candles on your cake has grown. Nice birthday.
Dad, you deserve a day off on your birthday. So I’m not going to annoy you one entire day with all of my issues. But in the event of an emergency, please be on standby.
Thank you, dear Dad, for always being there for us without messing with the choices we make in life. May U have a lot more birthdays to come, daddy of happy birthday!
As every day passes and you get closer to retirement, a time shall come when you can spend as many hours as you want with your grandkids. We look forward to that day. Happy Father’s Birthday
You have always been the most loving and welcoming dad in the country. Happy birthday to you. You really are one of a kind!
All I wish for you is that we will spend more time together that I can have more time with you and that you keep laughing and loving your day with your bright face.
Dad, only the greatest and kindest people like you are allowed to proudly rock grey hair. These hairs suggest how hard it was for you to grow us up. Happy birthday and thanks.
Personally, I like celebrating Father’s Day twice, too. Once when it’s really your father’s day and once, when it’s your birthday, which is your day, literally. In the universe, you deserve all the joy. Nice birthday.
Father, there’s no number of words that can sum up how sorry I am for being an absent daughter. I’m sorry that I don’t bring you more frequently to the pool, bring your favourite dim sum meal, or see you as often as I can. If there’s one thing I’m sad for it’s shielding you from my life, but I’m really the same little kid who was terrified of being harassed. Yet I love you more than you do, Dad, and I am always inspired by you. I am motivated by how much you love the Lord and how much I have come to love the Lord.
Happy Birthday to the most incredible man. To express how much we love you, there are no words. Anyone may be a dad, but to be a DAD deserves something extraordinary. You’ve assumed the part of father to my girls, no questions asked, we’re truly blessed. Happy Dad’s 70th birthday. YOU LOVE FATHER!
Each moment I spend with you is the greatest. I assume this will be replicated for many years to come. Dad’s Happy Birthday! Could God grant you a safe life for many years!
I just feel fortunate to have a father who is so compassionate, caring and inspiring. Wishing you a truly happy day, full of moments of fun and joy!
You were really there for me, Dad. It’s because you were out, busy, and though you weren’t home to take care of me, so you can get the ample funds needed to raise me. The only father I should wish for is you. Nice birthday. Oh I love you.
Wishing my first love of life a very happy birthday, you’ve always made my life easy and happening since the beginning. Oh, love you dad!
You’ve always been and still are my coach. You always told me I could do everything I ever wanted. That’s why today I am here! I wish you a Happy Father’s Birthday!
I may not find the nicest person in the world who is as good with people as you are. There wasn’t a single day like your daughter, that you forgot to make me feel like I was a princess. You are such a polite person that I sometimes envy you. Love you Dada so much. Good birthday!

May God, with a brighter smile and more joy than ever, fill your life. Happy Dad’s Birthday. Papa’s Happy Birthday. Lots of happy returns from the day. I love you more than I have ever been able to express. Thank you for motivating me at all times, dad. Cherish every day with every blessing you have been given by creation. Nice birthday.


Dad, with your age, you became wiser, and you were always open to sharing your wisdom with me. Your birthday will be joyful and memorable for many.

Happy Birthday Dad! I hope your most exciting adventure yet comes this year! Celebrate today and forever.


Father, happy anniversary! You really are one in a billion, and I can’t help but wonder how many children, like you can boast of a wonderful parent. As you rejoice, I wish you true joy, happiness, prosperity, and great health. Happy heavenly birthday dad.


I promise to continue not to remind you about all the bad stuff I did when I was a teenager on your birthday. You’re greeted. Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday!

happy heavenly birthday dad

When we talk about to wish a birthday greeting to our HEAVEN DAD we come to know that it is really not an easy task because we really miss our father and we feels incomplete without him. Birthday wishes are considered the best way to wish someone on their big day. These wishes give you a platform to convey your messages to your loved ones, friends and family. With the help of these wishes you can easily convey your greetings and make the birthday person blessed.

Happy Birthday Father in Heaven Poems


Happy Birthday Wishes to my dear Dad in heaven:

Here is a list of different happy birthday messages and quotes for dads who are in heaven to help remember and celebrate their life here on earth.


This is a special day for that it always touches my heart as it will happen today is my dad’s birthday.


I still feel lost without you, as always they are my rock and my light, however even though you are no longer with us. You will always be my hero.


Today, we congratulate you for the first time birthday without you, dad.


I do not know the date of birth will be easier since the difference you left as you were. It is only proof that you are a good person, which I will respect.


Every lesson you have taught me over the years will follow me forever. I know you are not with us but I promise to walk the path that you have shown me all my life. Happy birthday to heaven, Dad.


Happy birthday to heaven for the best father in the world. Honestly I’m lucky to be a baby and call you daddy. The care and responsibility you show me will be invaluable over time.


Happy Birthday to Heaven, Dad. You put me down and taught me my ABCs. You taught me everything like cycling and toasting. And it will always be in my heart, even if you are no longer here.


I know there is no better place than heaven. I want you to find my love. Dad, I miss you more than usual on your birthday. Happy birthday Dad in heaven.


Whenever I close my eyes, I always feel like I’m hugging you one last time. I want to feel your presence around me. I want to be able to tell you how much I love you. Happy birthday to heaven, Dad.


Even though you are no longer here with us, this is still an important day for me. It may be an awful lot right now, but I know it’s all worth the pain. Happy birthday. Looking forward to seeing you soon in heaven.


When we celebrate your birthday today, I can only mourn my hero. You are a good man, you are a good man and you are a walker. I miss you so much! Happy father’s birthday in heaven!


Father, you are not far from me today. I know you are in heaven praying for me. You always set a good example for me. You are a good father anyone can ask for. I love your father!


Father, I feel your presence in my heart and soul. You made it easy for me by giving me life. Your thoughts and feelings are now within me. Today, I would like to have a special birthday party to remember you and all that you have done for me. May the Lord bless you in heaven!


On your birthday, I always think of you. We celebrate your entire birthday as we miss you. I know I’m happy today because you left us and you never came back. You were in heaven until I was 50 years old.


No matter how sick you are, you still care about us. Have a vacation, Dad. Happy birthday and have fun with your dead friends.


Happy birthday, Dad. You will be 70 days old – you can complain a lot about joint pain if you are still alive. We miss your grandfather.


Your dad’s jokes are terrible, but I want you to know how lost the game is now that you’re gone. Happy birthday, Dad. We miss you and will always love you.


Happy birthday to our Heavenly Father. You are now in a better place, surrounded by God and His beautiful angels. Try not to bother him with your scary jokes, right?


We think you are playing some of the soccer angels out there with your lost friends. Maybe if you have the time, you can watch us on the game. Happy Birthday, Dad.


You have shown us love and care and assured that we will not be lost when you are gone. Thank you for everything, Father. We love you. Happy birthday.



Dear Dad you have been through this world for a long time now you are at peace in heaven now. But your soul is still with us as long as we are alive we will miss you but we know that now you have no problem there. We know you are happy and calm in this world with the grace of Allah Almighty. But still we all miss you a lot in this world.


“Happy birthday, dad. I’d love it if you could join us and make us laugh as always.


“I wish you a good day, good father, wherever you are. In the meantime, you can’t stop going out and I will feel like it’s just a dream.


“I will never forget that wonderful lesson you taught me. You are my idol. You will always live in my heart.”


“It was exhausting to spend another birthday without your presence, so far I don’t understand why you left so quickly.


Dear Dad, I will miss you so much because you are my best friend. Happy Birthday.


It is the will of Jehovah that you should lead me beside you, but I keep on thinking of you, Father, and I am longing for you because I am not with you. I hope that wherever you look at us and hear what I say.


All the wonderful experiences I have that you will never forget. You are a great father and I will love you forever for that.


Father, I love you so much that I still cannot learn to live without you, so I am asking you to help me find peace in my loss.

I’d like to believe I’ll never see you again, but it’s hard to think about that.

I want to say a wonderful birthday, my brothers and I are sending you a big kiss. I will always remember you in my life


I want to hug you and tell you many things. I have to call you for advice, Dad, I’m going to miss you so much. You left a big void in my heart and life.


Happy Father’s Day! Today I am here in your grave with these beautiful flowers. I’m determined to bring you something as wonderful as you are. I love you I miss you.


If God will give me another chance to hold you in my arms, I want you to know that I will never give up. It strikes me that I will never be able to hug you again, Dad. Therefore, I wish you the best birthday in heaven.


Dear Father, I pray that this special day will be filled with joy and happiness, not only for us here on earth but also for you in heaven. Best birthday dad! We miss you!


You are the one who taught me to be strong and brave and it was I who calmed you when you said thank you. I’m a sad father. I promise to do that by being stronger for the whole family. May you never forget your birthday and Heavenly Father’s!


Death may have come our way as long as we lived with each other, but it’s not necessary now because I know you will always keep me in heaven. Best birthday dad.


Dad, although I do not think I listen to what you say while you are still alive, but I want you to know that I live every day of this life and respect all your advice. Thanks for everything Dad! Happy birthday in heaven!


Dad, there are 2 times a year that make me regret what I did in the past. It is every father’s day and your birthday. I wish I could turn the clock around and have it enjoy just about every moment. I miss you so much and Dad looks forward to being with you again in heaven. Happy Birthday!


We may be at home separately, but I feel like your presence is close to me. I think it was because while you were still here, you ruined me with all your love and care. I miss you so much dad. I pray for a beautiful birthday in heaven.


Dear Father, we are all together today in front of your resting place to celebrate your special day – your birthday. I want you to know that even though we miss you so much, we are all happy because you know you are in good hands there in heaven. Have a happy birthday with the angels.


Father, this is one of the most important days of my life, because today you and I remember everything we remember. May your birthday in heaven be as significant as you are.


My dear friend and best friend, I miss you so much. Your birthday makes me realize how happy I am to have you as my hero every time I have a small fight with other kids. i miss you, dad. Happy birthday in heaven!


We may be separated because of death, but you, my father, will be my hero to the end of the world. Best birthday wherever you are dad. I love you!


Give my soul a good birth, in heaven. I will not miss you every day. I love you dad.


Dad, you may be getting a year older again but note, you’re just as old as you sound. Your special day is today, so live it up like you’re 21!


Happy anniversary. Thank you for being there to lend a helping hand at all times. I hope it gives you lots of love, happiness, and smiles today, Dad!


You love us when we’re evil. You love us when we’re healthy. You love us no matter what we do. We’re so lucky to have a dad who unconditionally loves us. Happy birthday father


Dear Dad, I want you to know on your birthday that you are truly an inspiration, friend, and teacher to us all. Thank you for giving all the difference to the kind of love that makes it all.


Each moment I spend with you is the greatest. I hope this will be replicated for many years to come. Dad’s Happy Birthday! May God grant you a safe life for many years!


You’re the best person in my life and I’m your biggest fan. Do you know that in my office and at home, I have photographs of you? I think of you and you are deserving of winning every single award in the word that says “Best Dad of the Year” whenever I’m in trouble. Love your dad. Happy birthday to this boy!


Thank you, dear Dad, for showing me how great the world is. As I go on and face the challenges in life, I may need quite a lot of tips from you so thank you in advance. Nice birthday!


You have taught me to never give up, from helping me up when I fell to taking me out for practise after I missed the winning goal. I owe my lifetime success to U, and I can’t wait to bring you out on your birthday. Happy Daddy bday.


A fifteen. You have shown me never to surrender, from helping me up when I crashed to taking me out for training after I missed the triumphant goal. I owe you my accomplishments in life, and I can’t wait to take you out on your birthday.


I’m not showing you enough of my love, affection and appreciation. However I still want you to know that by making this day the best for you, I’m going to prove it to you.


I am now a happy and prosperous person because of you and all you have done for me. Needless to say, without you, Daddy, I would be nothing. Many thanks to you. Have the best birthday ever, Dad.


My heart never stops beating for the first man who showed me unconditional love, no matter how far and wide I ride. Daddy, happy birthday.


You’ve been the guy I looked up to (and still do) for so many years, and now you’re one of my best friends to hang out with. Best of the worlds of both! Dad, love you!


Happy birthday to my dad, who is so smart, soft-hearted, so caring. The way that you kindly taught me about life had an unimaginable effect on who I became. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. All my love forever, daughter of yours.


Wishing the happiest of birthdays to you, Dad! My inspiration has always been you. It is unbelievable to watch the commitment and dedication that you still bring into everything you do. It’s you we love!


I just feel fortunate to have a father who is so compassionate, caring and motivating. Wishing you a truly happy day, full of moments of fun and joy!


Dear dad, on your birthday, I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration to us all, a friend and a teacher, Happy Birthday!


Oh dear dad! I want to let you know, considering the rough childhood I faced, that I have nothing against you and that you will always be my hero. Whatever unnecessary words we’ve thrown at each other, let’s give Ignorance credit! You are the only thing that I care about. Dad’s Happy Birthday


When you are planning to wish a birthday to your heaven dad then you should use the words which exactly match your feelings for him. In these wishes you can explain what you really feel for your father when he is no more with you. You can also write the difference of your life with him and without him.  You can tell him that how much you miss him and what was his worth in your life.

Happy Birthday to My Dad in Heaven

happy heavenly birthday dad

Thousands of words just scratch the surface of my feelings, dad, about you. Your persona’s portrayal is best described as fine. Happy birthday to a single dad of mine.


Those who lead their children and let them make their own decisions are great fathers. They learn from their own errors when they fail. Happy birthday to the most intelligent father I know!


Just knowing that my father trusts in me, I feel better, and I feel grateful to know that he loves me more than anything else in the entire world. Happy Dad’s Birthday.


I know that I wasn’t always the perfect child, but you were always the perfect parent. Thank you for fixing the little things that I break and for showing me how to fix my own mistakes as I grow. Enjoy today’s birthday. Hey, I love you.

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven. You may be long gone now, but your spirit is still with us. We will miss you as long as we’re alive, but we know that you are no longer in pain up there. This is a very special day and one that always touches my heart, for it would have been my father’s birthday today. I still feel lost without you as you always were my rock and my guiding light but even though you’re no longer with us, you’ll still always be my hero. Happy birthday and rest well, dad. Dad, I am truly blessed to have had you as a father. The lessons you taught me will be with me forever. Even though you’re no longer here, I carry your guidance and love with me every day. Happy birthday in heaven. I miss you so much. Losing your dad can be a very painful experience. But this doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate his birthday every year. You can wish him a happy birthday in heaven to mark the good times you shared. Here are some wishes you can use to make your dad happy in heaven.

Happy Birthday In Heaven Dad Wishes:

He may be gone, but you can still wish him a Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven with these beautiful quotes. The pain of having to let your father go is one of the most unbearable emotions anyone has to go through. Do not let the pain of the past stop you from enjoying the special day of your father. Losing your father can be challenging, but never forget that he wants to see you being happy.

Even though He may not be with you to celebrate, but Birthday Wishes for Dad in Heaven on his special day will make you feel close to him. You can wish him to mark the good times you shared. He may be gone, but you can still wish him a Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven with these beautiful quotes.

Happy Birthday to Dad in Heaven from Daughter: 

This post is given to Dad to celebrate his heavenly birthday! Dad is a good person and we will always remember your infinite love! Sometimes, sending a gift to our Heavenly Father is not enough. We want to send good things and love that will make them feel that we want them to do it. And I think the best idea is to write them something special. The best way for a girl to express her feelings is to write a special birthday message for her Heavenly Father.There are many ways to convey words from a text, and I know it will be more powerful and useful.

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