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Birthday Wishes for in Heaven Wife

Happy Birthday Wishes for Life Partner in Heaven

Birthday Wishes for in Heaven Wife: Loosing a person who is close to your heart is very sad. We can not bear the pain when our loved ones losses us. We can not find the correct words to wish someone who is no more with us. Birthday wishes for Heaven wife can be written with more simple and emotional words. The more simpler your wish will be the more attractive it will be.

We fee really alone when our loved ones leaves us but the best way of remembering them is to celebrate their birthdays in a very good way. Even if they are not with you, you can celebrate their birthday by cutting the cake and making wishes for them. Writing wishes for the wife in heaven is not easy because we really miss everything about her.

Birthday Wishes for in Heaven Wife

Happy Birthday In Heaven Wife:

You can write your emotions and feelings which you feel without her. Praying for her on her birthday is the best wish for her on her birthday. You know that she is in the arms of the Lord now but still she is waiting for your birthday wish somewhere in heaven or birthday wishes for late wife.

It makes me sad that you are not with us anymore. Sweetheart, it’s your birthday. I want to go out for a candlelight dinner, but I know I can’t, so I’m going to make a wish for the moon that you are holding, and I still deserve my love, wherever you are, my girl.

Every moment since you’ve left us alone, I miss you so much, baby, I miss you so much more, since it’s been your day to remember. You’re not with us though, but I sense your presence, like you’re around me, and I want to wish you a very happy birthday.



Your birthday in heaven above is today. I give my blessings on the wings of a dove, not just for today, but I always think of you every day, my love!


It’s your birthday here, so it’s sad to know you’re not here anymore. I want to give you a present, but I know I can’t, so I’m just going to make a wish for a star to bring my love to you wherever you are now.


Perhaps God loves you and admires you more, which is why he brought you back earlier. Happy Birthday in Heaven. I miss you so much.


My dearest sweetheart, happy heavenly birthday! Oh, how I wish you were here celebrating your 60th birthday with us. But even though you’re not here anymore, you’re still in our minds and our hearts, and you’ll stay there forever!


You can recall the memories spend with her and write it in a very good form of sentences.  Some people think that how we will celebrate the birthdays without our loved ones. I will say that we can celebrate the birthdays with a lot of love and emotions which are showed after our loved ones leaves us. You can highlight the emptiness and loneliness which you suffered without them.

Birthday Wishes For Deceased Wife:

Every single day, we miss you and the grief seems to be affecting us even harder now that it is your special day. In heaven, happy birthday! We wish you, wherever you are now, everlasting happiness!


Every day after you left, I have been missing you, but today I am missing you even more, since it is your special day. I want to wish you a very happy birthday even though you are not here.

Death may have physically taken you away from me, but it could never take away the connection and memories that we shared. I wish you, my dear friend, my love, my wife, nothing but the finest after-life in heaven. Happy birthday my lovely wife.

My dearest and one of my best friends, you will never be forgotten by my spirit, even if my mind does. You have brought so much light into my life that it is still illuminating. You have always answered my prayers. On this special day, enjoy God’s company and all the angels. Happy birthday wishes for deceased wife.

May the celestial angels sing for you, my wife, my love, my life partner, glorious birthday songs. I’m glad that I got to know you with a pillow of warmth.

A husband always pray that he shall reunited with her wife in heaven.  He wants to remain with her and want to love her even more. When a person loses his wife he basically lost the best person he can ever have in his life. A companion of every good thing is gone forever when a person lost his wife.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Wife in Heaven

Birthday Wishes for in Heaven Wife


Even though my life has never been the same since you died, I know you rejoice in heaven with the angels. I know that one day I will see you again.

It’s my wife’s birthday today. For the first time, I am celebrating without him. In remembering my wife’s favorite stuff, I find solace. She was fond of blues music but disliked jazz. He liked to explore, visiting national parks in particular. In the world, his favorite place was Zion. She was fond of cooking, and he could be very precise about what he eats. Yet Chipotle was his favorite restaurant.” That’s what I loved about him—he was so odd.

I find it difficult for me to find words that describe the way I feel. I hope you see how much I love and adore you, because I do everything that I do with your feelings. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I wish you all the best this planet has to offer.


Every day the love you give me makes me feel like I’m on top of the planet. You are the most incredible human being ever created in the World. May it be full of blessings in your life. Nice birthday, Wifey.

The way she treated us is missed very badly. Her love, care and emotions are still in our heart and will remain their forever. You can celebrate your wife birthday by writing some lovely birthday wishes for her. In that wishes you can write the worth and importance of your wife and emptiness that you feel without her.

Birthday Wishes for wife in Heaven

I still can’t believe that you have selected me as your ride or die. I feel so grateful that I have the most beautiful woman on Earth. Can you be filled with love and happiness every day, baby. Nice birthday.

You’ve brought my life so much joy. I know that anyone who knows you, under the surface, feels your magic. It is unbelievable how you can make it all better. Happy birthday to you, wonderful sorceress of mine.

I’m so delighted that you were born. My life, without you in it would mean nothing. You make water taste better, you make it look magical in the coldest autumn, you make it all so much better. Baby, happy birthday. I endlessly love you.

It’s your day for dreams to come true. Happy Birthday to my lovely wife May love and happiness fill your life.

You give a purpose to my life that helps me overcome all of the bad moments and all of the anxiety. I’m so grateful that I’ve got a wife like you. Oh dear, happy birthday!

The reality of death is true. Everyone has to face this reality. We have to face that our loved ones will leave us sooner or later and we will leave them sooner or later. So, then why should we not celebrate their birthdays. It was the big day for them and they always wanted to celebrate it in a very good way. There are different ways of wishing birthday to your heaven wife.

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Birthday Message for wife in Heaven

Today I was thinking of you with love, but that is nothing new. I was thinking about you yesterday, and even the days before that. In silence, I think of you. I also say your name. Memories and your image in a frame are everything I have. Your memory is a keepsake of mine that I would never part with. God has you in keeping with Him, and I have you in my heart.

The reason for celebration is your smile. Your love is the world’s most precious gift. Your kisses could light a thousand candles for your birthday. To someone who makes life itself feel like a special day, Happy Birthday.

I want to let you know on your birthday how special you are to me, as well as to all who are privileged to meet you and know you for who you are. People like you are truly a blessing. The greatest thing I have ever got in life is to have you as my wife.

Thank you for always making me feel like I am the most important person in your life, my dearest wife. Please understand that you are also the most important person in my life! Nice birthday!

Happy Heavenly Birthday To My Wife | Missing Wife Quotes:

My life really started the day we met. I’ve had good times with you. I was learning about life. As a man, I have evolved. For the rest of our lives, I can’t wait to continue making memories with you. There is so much more to our story, and together, despite the ups and downs, the storey will have a happy ending with us in heaven holding hands together. Happy birthday to my handsome, smart and powerful wife. With you, I am truly and hopelessly in love.

It is the saddest moment of life when our wife who is now somewhere in heaven leaves us alone and sad. We really miss her and wants her back in our life. We always pray that roses grow in heaven wife remains safe in the Gods hand.  A wife is the greatest blessing of the Lord. She is the one who loves us unconditionally and purely. She take care of us like a true friend and a best companion.

Birthday Wishes For in Heaven Wife Quotes

Birthday Wishes for in Heaven Wife

To my beautiful wife on your birthday: You fill your life with wonder every day and make living with you better than any life I’ve ever wished for. I love you, and for everything you do, I am so grateful. Baby, happy birthday.

My sweetheart, happy birthday, everything in you has outstanding elegance. And it’s made of gold, your heart. A lot of love from your husband.

My soul mate’s happy birthday, someone who gave me my best wishes, cooked meals in the middle of the night, and always woke up before me. Love your wife, I couldn’t find anyone like you!

I still love the fact that I’ve got the most beautiful wife in the world, the happiest birthday wife. Hope you have a birthday to celebrate!

Happy birthday to an extraordinary soul who takes care not just of the family, but also of the world she regards as family. May Heaven, with laughter and glitter, bless you!

Speaking of you on your heavenly wife’s birthday. All the warmth fills my heart today with happy birthday memories. Since you left, I’ve missed you so much. Happy birthday to you, dear Heavenly Wife! On your birthday, missed you. Your life has been a joy, a treasure to cherish, cherished beyond words and missed beyond measure. Wishing you a really happy birthday and give you this personalized Happy Birthday Wife in Heaven card. Most of my heart stays with you in Heaven, dear Wife in Heaven.

Birthday Wishes For In Heaven Wife | Birthday Wish For Wife:

People watch romantic movies showing true love, others read story’s or poems about it but as for me all I have to do is watch you to know that I have it in my life. Happy birthday, love of mine!

You turned me from being a boy into being a man. I am now content, happy, and at my side, I feel invincible with you. Happy birthday, darling of mine.

In my past life, I must have done something unbelievable because I was rewarded with you as my partner. Now and forever, I love you. Sweetheart, happy birthday.

To me, you are so stunning. You are a dream of mine. The colour of my world is you. You are a gift I will keep forever. Happy Birthday my Lovely Wife

I want to make sure you know how much you mean to me every day of my life and how much I love you, because you are the best wife in the world.

Since you are selfless, compassionate, understanding, loving and beautiful, you deserve all the best in life. Have my wife a very happy birthday!

You are so lovely to me. You are a dream of mine. The colour of my world is you. You are a gift I will keep forever. Happy Birthday My Love

You are my world, and without you, I can’t imagine my life. My adorable wife’s loving birthday wishes!

Happy birthday, love of mine. Today I love you so much more than yesterday, but not even one tenth as much as tomorrow I will love you. Happy heavenly birthday wife.

A Message To My Loving Wife In Heaven | Birthday Quotes For Wife:

To my beautiful wife, happy birthday. No flower is like you. Your love adds a delicious fragrance to my life and I am intoxicated. Just like you may your day be bright and beautiful.

Birthday Wishes For In Heaven Wife

I had no idea that it would make me this happy to be loved by you. Wishing you all the world’s happiness for your birthday and the year ahead.

Happy Birthday To My Wife In Heaven Quotes:

Happy birthday sweetheart, you mean a lot to me that you can’t imagine. May it be unforgettable for your day! My adorable wife’s caring birthday wishes! a lovly birthday message to wife.

You’ve always been my closest friend, a wonderful partner, and a wonderful girlfriend. I couldn’t have been luckier than some other status if someone else were in my life. Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world. My adorable wife’s caring birthday wishes!

You are more exquisite than the world’s most beautiful flower. The elegance of your eyes is speeding across the blue water. Though I write down your beauty or your spirit, I know that it never sufficiently describes you. Happy birthday, I love you so much, happy birthday my dear wife.

Happy Birthday To My Wife In Heaven:

When we decided to get married for the first time, I must admit that I was a bit scared. For me, that was a big step; yet, you made it look so easy, you made all the enormous steps we’ve taken in our lives look like baby steps. Every day, your charm makes me respect you even more. I love you sweetheart, you’re everything a man might wish for. Happy Birthday to the World’s Greatest Wife!

The birthday of your dearest wife is drawing close. Also, you don’t know how to congratulate her or what to write on the gift card, considering how much you love her, so here we leave you with a complete list of Best Birthday Wishes for Women, who will definitely get you out of trouble successfully.

I see you every day and I know that the best decision I could have made was to marry you. Thank you for choosing me, and so much for loving me. Happy birthday, dear, birthday wishes to deceased wife.


It seems that everyone knows you turned a year older except me. In my eyes, you are exactly the way that you were when I met you for the first time – stunning and gorgeous. Happy birthday My Love

To my beautiful wife, I hope this year brings you as much joy and happiness that you have brought and continue to bring into my life. Good birthday! ”

Congratulations honey! You have circled the sun once more, and this is your birthday! I wish you all the best and, tonight, a seven-course dinner.

Thinking of you on the day you were born brings so many happy and cherished memories. I wish we’d have had a few more before you had to leave. Sending all the above my love.

I remember all the moments that we had together and today being your birthday, I want you to know that every little moment spent with you were the happiest of my life. I miss you so much, pal!

Today and every other day, I honour you because you were the sweetest part of my life and the memories of you will dwell in my mind forever. Wishing you peace in Heaven on your birthday!

Being without you no longer causes my heart to ache, but knowing that you have made it to Heaven and that you are safe up there, I receive great comfort and joy. Wishing you a birthday with a smile, dear!

Happy Birthday to my lovely wife and our children’s grandma. You make me happy and proud of the things that we have been creating together.

Blow out your candles and make a lovely wish. In order to make your birthday wishes come true, I will do anything. My dear, happy birthday!

You are the one who places the song in my heart and the music in my life as I sing happy birthday to you. My Love’s Happy Birthday!

Never will the sweetest of birthday cakes be as sweet as you are. Happy birthday to the world’s most lovely lady, my wife and my love.

Happy Birthday to My Dear Wife. So sweet are you to my soul, and so dear to my heart. I can’t believe that I’m going to spend each day loving you. You are an unbelievable lady. I’m a lucky person.

My Wife’s Happy Birthday. You’re blinding me. I’m so glad we can share this wild, gorgeous life together. Oh I love you.

My Beautiful Wife Happy Birthday. For me, your life is such a precious blessing. I’m so glad to rejoice with you for another year. May your day be filled with all the happiness your heart can possibly contain, joy and love!

Birthday Wishes for in Heaven Wife

Birthday Wishes For In Heaven Wife:

“Happy birthday, my beloved wife. Today, I celebrate the incredible person you were and the love we shared. You may be in heaven, but your spirit remains with me forever.

“On your birthday, I send my love to heaven. May the angels sing joyously and the stars shine brighter, as they celebrate the beautiful soul that you are. Happy birthday, my sweet wife.”

“To my dearest wife, on your birthday in heaven, I hold you close in my heart. Though we are physically apart, our bond remains unbreakable. Sending you all my love on this special day.”

“Wishing a heavenly birthday to the most wonderful woman I’ve ever known. Your smile, love, and warmth still illuminate my life. May your celestial celebration be filled with joy and peace.”

“Happy birthday, my angelic wife. Today, I cherish the memories we created together, and I’m grateful for the love you brought into my life. May your heavenly existence be filled with eternal bliss.”

“As the stars twinkle above, I send my heartfelt wishes to heaven. Happy birthday, my darling wife. Your absence is deeply felt, but your spirit continues to guide me. Forever in my thoughts.”

“To my beautiful wife, on your birthday in heaven, I reflect on the precious moments we shared. Your love was a blessing, and your memory will forever be a source of strength and inspiration. Happy heavenly birthday.”

“Though I cannot hold you in my arms today, I hold you dearly in my heart. Happy birthday, my dear wife. May your soul be at peace, and may you always feel the love surrounding you, wherever you may be.”

“Sending birthday wishes to heaven for my loving wife. Your absence leaves a void that can never be filled, but your spirit gives me the courage to keep going. I miss you deeply and love you always.”

“Today, I celebrate the life of an extraordinary woman who graced this world with her presence. Happy heavenly birthday, my wife. May your soul soar among the heavens, forever bathed in love.”

In this life, all I wanted was to be all of yours, and to be all of mine for you. I will die with a smile on my face now that I have accomplished that. Happy birthday, love of mine.

The reason that and of my blessed days is sunny is simply because of the love you give me. Happy birthday, love of mine. You are and are always going to be my sunshine.

I know I don’t say that enough, but you’re the most precious thing in my life that exists. With every beat of my heart, I love you, and I’m so proud that you are my wife for life, and that I am your man for life. For as long as I live, I’ll love, cherish and support you. Nice birthday.

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife! I feel fortunate to have such a person in my life who is compassionate and caring. I love you so much, honey.

Some Short Summry For The Wishes for wife in haven

Wishing your wife a very happy birthday in heaven is a poignant and heartfelt way to commemorate her special day. Although she may no longer be here physically, her presence in your heart and the cherished memories you’ve shared will always keep her alive in your thoughts.

On this remarkable occasion, let’s celebrate her remarkable life, marked by love, laughter, and joy. The memories of the beautiful moments you’ve had together are like a constellation in the sky, forever shining brightly.

Here are a few meaningful ways to honor her memory and express your love on her birthday:

  1. Visit Her Resting Place: Make a trip to her final resting place, and adorn it with vibrant flowers, a memento, or a special keepsake that reminds you of your shared love. The connection between you and her transcends the physical realm, and your visit will convey your continued devotion.
  2. Time with Loved Ones: Spend quality time with your children, friends, and other cherished ones who have been a part of your journey with your wife. Share stories, laugh about the happy times, and find comfort in the love you all still hold for her.
  3. Acts of Kindness: To honor her spirit, consider donating to a charity or dedicating your time to a cause she was passionate about. It’s a beautiful way to carry forward her legacy and spread the love she stood for.
  4. Heartfelt Letter: Sit down and pen a heartfelt letter to your wife, expressing how deeply you love and miss her. Let the words flow, recounting your most cherished memories and your ongoing connection.
  5. Memory Album: Craft a touching photo album or a scrapbook that captures the essence of the moments you’ve shared. Fill it with pictures and mementos, showcasing the beautiful journey of your love together.

In celebrating your wife’s birthday in heaven, may you find solace in the enduring love that binds you, and the happiness that her memory brings. As you honor her life and the love you shared, remember that she will forever be by your side, watching over you with a loving smile from the heavens above. Happy birthday to your wife! 🌟💖

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