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Happy Birthday Poems For Friends

It is the best way to recite and write Happy birthday poems friends to make this day more special. Friends are part of your life that can never be replaced or forgotten at any cost. This day special for your friend is as he is remarkable in your life. Without criticism, they always support you every time, even if it is sorrow, happiness, bad, good, thick or thin time.

Birthday Poems

Charming Happy birthday poems  for friends

To My Friend, On Your Birthday

Your birthday is the ideal opportunity to wish you hands down the best,

Of satisfaction, well-being, and harmony until you rest.

You are my daylight in snapshots of dark,

Your organization has the ability to light up each day.

Blissful Birthday my Dear Friend,

Heaps of embraces and warm wishes to you I send.


My Companion On Your Birthday

Dear companion, let me say something on this extraordinary day

Though we are distant apart, You’ll be continuously in my heart.

I cherish those moments, our senseless battles

and clever talks  and how we developed together,

stayed joined together in despondency and laughter.

May your confront continuously light up with glee.

I wish you never ever feel empty.

supplicate, may God be continuously by your side.

need you to continuously lift up your head in pride.

My companion, on your birthday, all I need to say is merely cruel the world to me and you’re more than fair a companion to me.

—Anisha Joseph

Heart Touching Birthday Poems For Best Friend:

 To the strongest woman I know, on your birthday

on your birthday,

I want you to know

and I was lucky

not only to have such people

strong woman

in my life, but also

most reliable,

a loyal friend

I might like to.

You are an inspiration

for many, including me!

Have the best

day, beautiful woman!

— Unknown

birthday poems funny

Blissful Happy birthday poems  for friends

 My friend

my friend,

On your special day

I’m talking about Harold B. Lee

And say

“As you have

Happiness is enough to make you happy,

Trials are enough to make you stronger,

Sad enough to keep you human,

Hope is enough to make you happy,

Failure is enough to keep you humble,

Success is enough to keep you motivated,

Rich enough to meet your needs,

Enthusiasm is enough with hope,

Friends are enough to comfort you,

Faith is enough to overcome depression,

A perfect secret to making every day better than yesterday. ”

Happy birthday!!


One more year

Another year has passed.

Happy birthdays to you

Can see next year

Be private with many open doors.

Follow your dream

Remember that you can get

All your dreams

Anything your mind can imagine

So this poem gives

you want

waiting for next year

full of things you love.


Happy birthday to you

I want you on this special day

Good luck next year

May life treat you well in every way

And wishes and words that I can not say.

Behind you now is yesterday.

Let your experience and knowledge guide you

This is for you and your success

We know you will give everything.

Happy birthday

We want you more

today we are telling you

We know that good thing await in life.

—Theodore W. Higginsworth

Amazing  Happy birthday poems for friend

Happy birthday, my friend 

Dear friend, I want to wish you a beautiful birthday.

We won’t see each other again, but I hope all is well.

You have grown to be the smartest woman I know you can be.

I am lucky to have a friend like you who is sweet, loving and gentle.

Today should be a day of pure happiness and love for you,

Enjoy and hang out with those who stay loyal and true.

I wish you all the best in life, although we both know how difficult it can be,

But I pray that God will open your doors to brighter opportunities.

You are the type of person who always offers to help.

We are miles apart, but the love we share will never end.

It’s a hard test not to see you again,

But our eternal friendship is something I will never forget.

I will never forget all the things you have given me over the years:

Long lasting laughter and satisfying cheers.

I didn’t know that all these blessings could come true,

But my life is getting better, and it’s all because of you.

Wherever you are now, I pray you are happy and safe.

I don’t know your status but I hope all goes well with you.

I know for sure that God will strengthen you and help you to be stronger.

I pray, my friend, that none of the weapons formed against you may succeed.

Thank you so much for your kindness, loyalty and forgiveness.

You promised me many times that I would never go on the journey of life without a witness.

Happy birthday, my friend; thank you for being there for me.

I miss you, but you are always in my memory.

— Edward

Short Poems About Birthdays:

Sincere desire

This heartfelt hope is only for you

Today is your special day

May all your dreams come true

Incorporated in everything.

You are a special person to me

You deserve the best of everything

So good luck this birthday and the coming year

One that offers the best in life.

—Kate Summers

 Maturity and Growth

Through a lot in life

Yes, together

I don’t have one regret

Not now, never

Best friend, meant to be

Are we really?

Through the good times and the bad

You are the brightest star in my life

Happy birthday

— Dajanay

Birthday Wishes For Friends

So many people live around you,

But not all close to your heart.

Some become very expensive

That with their thoughts, the beat began.

You are the one concerned

I will give my best care.

Your absence makes me feel alive,

As if everything was completely lost.

your birthday is on my mind,

I wish though I can’t express it.

There are so many obstacles

Stand tall on the road.

I am praying for your good life

And peace of mind with good health.

The rest is temporary,

This will only be your true wealth.

— Shishir

Funny Happy Birthday Poems For Friends | Short Birthday Poems:

If you and your friend love to pull each other’s legs and make each other laugh, follow these funny birthday songs.

Beauty and Botox

Happy Birthday!

You may feel older,

Unfortunately, youth does not come for free,

So stop consuming all Botox.

And like your sleep is better.

I’m glad you’re young at heart,

But with gold,

Too bad you’re not a millionaire.

And you can’t take your eyes off it.

– Don’t know

 Can’t remember

I need something from you, I don’t remember.

Don’t be angry; you are a family member.

Obviously, in my opinion,

In many ways, it is difficult to find.

Maybe it doesn’t matter,

Good luck with that anger please; you have great potential.

On second thought, maybe it’s coming back to me,

Now I know why those brain pills are free.

A beautiful view of the balloons coming out.

In the background, I hear those beautiful songs.

Towards the end of the dream, I could taste a delicious cake,

It must be your birthday, I woke up.

birthday poems funny short

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday on the cartoon I know.

You have so many stupid moves to show,

Okay, don’t worry; just kidding darling

Because it’s your birthday, so spread the joy,

Have the best day of your life,

May God give me the strength to live,

With you … Lol!

– Nameless

Birthday Poems For Him:

 Get old on your birthday

It’s hard to get wax on your cake,

Because I’ve really run out of space.

It’s time for us to think of something new,

But I made sure to make it real.

Happy birthday to you, my friend

For love and heartfelt prayers, I send.

– Nameless

Your zoo

Birthdays should always be a joyful occasion,

Family and friends; clear invasion.

Double gifts you don’t even like

If you make a complaint, you may be reprimanded.

A simple day, on display,

Watched carefully for signs of decay.

Dishonest smiles, don’t blend with the truth,

As if you were the only one, you have lost your childhood.

At a wise age, everything seems so clear,

The reason to celebrate, they all came for the beer.

Deep down, you know they care,

Your zoo is unique; usually rare.

—Martin Dejnicki

Motivational  Happy birthday Poems For Friends

Best face 

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday,

For family and friends, a special day,

it’s time to say hello,

Let’s check you for sell signals.

The smiles of our love and affection do not lie,

There is little truth in our praise,

When we said you looked like a baby,

We mean you lost your childhood.

Nothing beautiful will come of this,

It should be clear in your post,

Deep down, you know it’s true,

Even the best faces sag with age.

– Unknown


Cute Happy birthday poems for friends

Share some short sweet chats with your friends on their birthdays and tell them what they mean to you and how you appreciate them for being in your life.

Happy birthday poems for friends


Wish you a lot of birthday fun

To endure until the day is done.

I wish you all the best in your wishes,

and your birthday cake is as sweet as you are!


Word- Wise poem of Birthday

H – for the happiest day

A — wish and praise for All

P — for Gifts you’ll be happy to open

P — is for the Party that lasts the night

Y — for the Year before your day

B — for Balloons it is a celebration they will say

I – It’s for ice cream with your cake

R – for Ribbons and decorations you will make

T — you decide for the Theme

H — for Hats made with confetti and bows

D – It’s for Days you know it’s going to be fun

A — it’s been another great year

Y – it’s your special day.

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Hip – hip – Hurray!

— Erika L Shields


A simple birthday wish

Happy Birthday my friend

This is a card you wish well

It could just be something simple

But I think you are responding.

– Anonymous

Best friend

I’ve told a lot of lies.

I have lost a lot of promises.

I have fought many battles.

I gave you bad memories.

But, through this chaos.

By my side, you are strong.

Always support me

Even when you know, I’m wrong

What was I supposed to do?

Such a loyal friend, I have nothing to do

But one thing is clear, my life

There is nothing without you

Happy birthday

– Anonymous


 My partner

My partner in life

The best friend is alone

The most important thing

Things in life, yes

You are lucky

To find that person,

You will see

A partner for life.

I’m glad I found it

It’s you, my love.

Happy birthday to me

Life partner: me

Best of all time!

– Do not know

Birthday gifts

Sometimes I wonder what makes you special,

The smile, the confidence or the way you care.

Sometimes I wonder what makes you happy,

Contracts, memos or groups you belong to.

Good day and bright time.

Today, what do I want to give you?

You always have my support, care and love

Therefore I must have a desire to thank you.

I sincerely wish you a happy birthday.

– Do not know


Happy Wishes new year

Your friendship is very important to me

And I want you to know

I love sending you birthday cards

I’m glad to see you grow up

I like to share the little things

Laughter, hugs, tears

So mark the birthday again

I wish you many happy years


Our friend

Our friendship has no image.

It can’t be measured with a measuring tape

Our friendship flows like water

Depends on the situation and the problem

Our friendship tastes like cake

He’s sweet, cute, and he doesn’t lie

Our friendship feels real and authentic

I wish you a happy birthday.

– Anonymous

My Star

I’ve been through a lot in my life

We have, together

I have no regrets

Not now, not yet

Good friend, this means yes

This is what we really are

Through the good times and the bad

You are the shining star in my life

Happy birthday

– Anonymous

birthday rhymes funny

A very wonderful day for my friend



and good humour, I

We wish you all the best

in the world, and indeed

Have a nice day

good morning my friend!


We share a special bond that cannot be broken

I am very interested in you

You will always have my heart

Because we have a special bond

Indestructible, some would say.


Dear friend, I am blessed

You deserve the world

And I want nothing less

A special day for you!

Happy birthday to you my friend!


My birthday I promise you my friend

My birthday promise

To you my friend

I will always be there

For you it doesn’t matter what happens.


Day or night

Come rain or shine

you can trust me

Nothing really.


Happy birthday

Just as you should

I have sent my best

Happy birthday to you today!


Another feather in your cap

Happy Birthday my love

a friend and high school student!

Birthday Poems Funny:

I am very happy

You do it. There will be some

Jealous but a good friend

stand out and enjoy

good luck!


You have to achieve every victory

Another feather in your cap

go at this pace

I need a bigger hat!


Have a great day my friend!


My Crime partner in life

Best friends are one

The most important

The stuff of life, if anything

You are lucky

To find that person

You will get it

A best and crime  partner.


I’m glad I found it

It’s you, my dear.


Happy birthday to me

Life partner: me

Bestie always!


Be happy my dear friend

It’s that time every year

pass, you

becoming others

and more beautiful.


May is my birthday

to please you and

fill in all of them

one of your dreams.


Have fun,

Dear friend!

Birthday Poems For Her:

Some friends come and go

Sisters grew up together,

have endless conversations

about everything and anything.

They trust each other,

but to tell each other their own

good idea and privacy.


They have a friendship like no other,

an unbreakable bond of sisterhood.

We have all this and more,

and for that I am forever grateful.


Some friends will always come and go.

but you are always with me,

nothing more than a phone call away.


You will always be true to me

a good friend and a good brother.


Have a great birthday,

My love. Move on with your life

enough, it is filled with great happiness

minutes as you can.

My friend on your birthday

My friend, I say this

something on this day is special

Although we are far from each other.

You must be in my heart.


I love these moments,

Our silly fights and funny conversations

and how we grow together,

combined with sadness and laughter.


May your face always shine with joy.

I wish you would never feel empty.

I pray that God is always with you.

I want you to always hold your head high and proud.


Dear, on your birthday,

all i want to say

that means you mean the world to me

and you are more than just my friend.


Birthday Poems for Friends

You have to Thank Allah who gave you such a Friend who always cares and loves you without any concern. That’s why people stated that Friends are real blessings of Allah. When your Friends love you and show their love and concern for you so you ha e to show your concern for your Friend. There are many events when you can show your love For Friends. One of the most important days for showing his love to a Friend is his birthday.

Of course, you want to celebrate and wish him in a special way. There are a lot of ways to wish him like with lunch, dinner, arranging gifts, cards, and beautiful words like beautiful quotations and poems. You can Write Happy birthday poems for friends and wish them a lot of beautiful and special words. Happy birthday poems for friends can strengthen your bonding with your friends. You’re wishing and happy birthday poems for friends make them happy and feel special because of you.

birthday poems for a friend

Here’s a list of  Happy birthday poems For Friends that you simply can share together with your buddy on their enormous day. Select the ones you like and share them along with your companions.

You are thinking about beautiful words How do you can create sweet Happy birthday poems for friends? The main ingredient is a feeling of happiness, so your happy birthday doesn’t have to be exciting or normal in nature. Your Happy birthday poems for friends will bring happiness to the birthday girl or the boy. Of course, you will be thinking that what brings happiness? It depends on your thinking process who will provide happiness from the sweet Happy birthday poems for friends, so this is your call.

It’s easier than you think: you’ll know good Happy birthday poems for friends when you see one. Here are some Happy birthday poems to give you some ideas on the special occasion of your sweet friends. Surely you want to celebrate his birthday and wish him. .now you are searching for beautiful wishing words that feel heartedly happy to your friends. Of course, you are on the right platform. You get here a lot of beautiful and heart-touching words that will help you for expressing your love for your friends.

Are you searching for blissful birthday poems? Track up novel poems here to wish an extraordinary “Blissful Birthday” to your friends and family. We have a large collection of beautiful poems. Just use, change or join the poems, cool, charming, amazing, cheerful, motivational, heartfelt, and wistful poems underneath to make your birthday wishes.

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