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happy 24th birthday quotes

Turning 24th is a great achievement and a big milestone in everyone’s life. Time has gone very fast and you should be enjoying the precious time of your life. With your good Friends, special One, and also with Family Member. Every birthday is a very special day that deserves a proper celebration. You can tailor your 24th Birthday Wishes for reflecting your appreciation and well wishes for the honoree… Birthdays are glorious occasions. Always it can be very hard to find exactly the best words to say to your best friend on their birthday.

Happy 24th Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend


happy 24th birthday quotes


  • Dreams are small, do not dream! The whole world is before you to take it; Your attitude towards this will determine how far you can go. Happy son of the 24th birthday.

  • Hard work gives results, if you decide to work hard at your golden age, everything will become very easy. I hope this will allow you to start doing something now. Happy 24th birthday.

  • From today, I will be called blessed by God who has found the grace to bring this special child. I’m happy to see you at 24 years old. Happy 24 year old girl.

  • In your age, the only thing worth fighting for is the love of your family. With their love, there will be no altitude at which you will not succeed. I wish you good luck. Happy 24th birthday.

  • By crushing my life, what more can I ask of a man as a woman! The happiest and the happiest is the man with whom you are. Happy 24th birthday, darling, I will never stop loving you.

  • Know that your value in life is essentially the product of using your mind, the size of a man resides in his mind, use your mind well. Happy birthday to 24 sons.

  • You are so exclusive and have an unusual endowment. I hope your gifts will be tailored to your needs and the needs of every human being. Happy 24th birthday of friends. Enjoy your special day.

  • There is so much in you and no one should tell you that you have what you need to get the most out of your life, you must know it. Happy 24th birthday.

  • Let this celebration present an extra promotion. Happy birthday, 24th birthday!

  • Now is the time to get the most out of every hour of life, which will greatly determine your trip. Happy 24th birthday my boy. Be blessed.

  • Some young people have a mind full of what they have not done and a sense of suspicion. If and when we will succeed one day. Do not be like them. Have faith. Happy 24th birthday.

  • Never be a prosecutor, they just do not want to do anything, they are ready to stop looking, to continue, so the desired progress will come. Happy 24th birthday, darling.

  • May the light of today awaken in your sleep and the New Year nourish the zeal. Allow yourself to live your days and be good to you. Happy 24th birthday. Sashav.

  • The world does not know the thousand storms that you bravely advanced so far, the battle you needed to reach that height. Enjoy this year. Happy 24th birthday, dear friend.

  • Teach us to count our nights so that we can remember these most important things. What we did and did not do. Thus, our days will be productive and our wisdom will be pronounced. Happy 24th birthday.

  • Life was not supposed to be easy, but it is perseverance that will allow you to live and enjoy it fully, without getting rid of the challenges. Happy birthday to 24 sons.

  • You are handsome and cunning, intelligent and attentive, at the same time modest, delicate and powerful. Any good thing is legitimately deposited in you. Happy 24th birthday, it’s my wife, I love you.

  • I remembered watching you fly a dragon and play near the stream, I watched how you express your thoughts, more courage than ever. You are still a wonderful child. Happy 24th birthday, dear girl.

  • Today, I want to wish you the sincere desires of your heart, the desire you truly desire and the leader of all satisfaction. Let him come sooner than later. Happy 24th birthday of friends.

  • The new day has just begun, sparkling with an air of hope. Happy your 24th birthday!

Twenty four is such a challenging and exciting age to be at. When you have all the precious people who love you. Staying around you wishing you a happy and memorable time as you welcome in the new age. No doubt turning older is always a great achievement. For those who have been 24 can tell you that was one of their most precious times yet. Where you have got to celebrate with the one you like and love however you see fit ever. Sending a 24th Birthday Wishes to usher in and also just remember the 24 birthday person is such an amazing way. And to show your care, love, and feelings and still always be there for them wherever and however possible. Now take a chance with these 24th Birthday Wishes and share in the joy of the newly 24 year old.

Happy 24th Birthday Wishes for Son

24th Birthday Wishes

Funny Happy 24th Birthday Wishes:

  • I had doubts about your love for you, but I love you when I hear you say that you will always be my man and that since then you have never betrayed me. Happy 24th birthday, my love.

  • Let your 24th birthday never fail, let all your wishes come true when you turn off the candles. Happy Birthday! brother

  • It sounds like a happy song; We celebrate the holiday in fear. Happy 24th birthday!

  • May the light of today bring you inexpressible joy, a joy like this river. Today, humanity looks forward to the relics of your birth. Happy birthday my son!

  • It’s a new day, the day of happiness. By discovering a great eruption of happiness, your belly can not hold you back. Happy Birthday!

  • Let the wind bring you good health today. I join the universe in the choir to say a happy day to my friend. Happy birthday my son!

  • Your golden hands will progress, even if your path is right. You are immersed in prosperity. Happy birthday, it’s too common. Hello flight!

  • Let the joy of nature bring richness, an unforgettable happy birthday. Happy 24th birthday!

  • The new year has started in your life and you have added another. Happy birthday, 24 years old!

  • They have not seen the eyes and their mouths can not speak of the grace of God given to you. It’s symbolic today, it’s your day. Happy girl!

  • The aerial sun floats in the sky of the acrobatic dance and wishes a long life to our dear ones. What a melodious feast. Happy 24th birthday, dear girl!

  • The new day has just started with a big size, it can today mark a new start of size. Today is your birthday. Happy 24th birthday!

  • No day never gives a smile to people’s faces because this day brings unlimited blessings to humanity, it’s your day. Happy 24th birthday!

  • It is a historic day when an emblem of virtue, like you, is born, is a historic day of grace for you. Happy Birthday!

  • It has not been published yet, even though your story has never been told. Season of Majesty! The grace of God on you will multiply. Happy birthday to my love!

  • Nature is immersed in an extreme joy, the trees rock with joy. Happy 24th birthday to your friend!

  • Today, the brilliant fortune of glittering fortune has swept away your sickness in the desert of desolation. What a wonderful day! Happy birthday to my love!

  • A moment of love and love, a day that shines and shines with bright traces and kisses. Happy birthday, my boy!

  • The beauty of today can not be understood by ordinary people well informed. That your pocket is big and enriched. Happy Birthday!

  • The smile and joy we bring today are accompanied by exciting and inaccessible aspirations. I can not say one day: “Happy birthday!

Surely 24 is an awesome age and anyone who turned into 24 always knows how much it means to them. Birthdays celebrations are the welcoming of your mid twenties. And that should be treated as a beautiful time. When the newly 24 years old welcome the last year. Before they finally turn into 25 and feels the little pain of being mid twenty. Birthday wishes to a new 24 year old should always spread the love and also happiness to those having a great time on that special day of theirs.

Happy 24th Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

happy 24th birthday wishes

  • Birthday is an annual event and you have got the opportunity to enjoy and making the day very special. On this special day you can take the great opportunity to show your love one how proud you are of him. Share your best memories and proudest more best moments from his life so far.

    Celebrate the years you’ve shared in very unique way. Show your special one how amazing your life has been since they have joined your family all those years ago. From mud pies and also imagination that filled games to high school and video games. Your beloved will always hold a special place in your heart.

  • I wish you “SUCCESS” in this unforgettable day, the feeling and the love which will result from it will remain in the memory of the offspring. Happy birthday 24 year old girl!

  • An emotional and impressive sense of accomplishment does not know the connection. Happy 24th birthday to my love!

  • Going to the rank of majesty requires the power of this celebration. Every day that passes will improve. Happy your 24th birthday!

  • Today’s melodious song opens the door to breakthroughs, recordings, new achievements, a high-end scene. It means a birthday. Happy Birthday!

  • The birthday party brings joy to harvest, fertility and happiness. The New Year began with the harvest of joy. Happy birthday, dear girl!

  • Happy 24th birthday, you’ve been here for me all this year and as such, I feel compelled to return the service. Have fun today!

  • May you today make you roll on the wing of progress, you rise like an eagle at altitude. Happy birthday to my friend!

  • Today is sacred and unique in history, a happy birth day, a happy celebrant. Happy 24th birthday!

  • This is a new year for you and I hope you will carry me with you. Happy 24th birthday, my darling, you were my healthiest and hardest goodbye, have fun!

  • Honey, you’re a piece of heaven sent to earth, happy birthday, darling, have fun and live a long and happy 24th birthday.

  • I think that as soon as you get it, you have a greater chance of becoming happy, making the right choice and, most importantly, enjoying your 24th birthday. I like you

  • I pray that this day will leave you with enough memory to spend your whole life enjoying yourself, having fun and especially thanking you for being able to see you. Happy birthday, dear friend!

  • At the time of the celebration we celebrate the birth of a special 24-year-old who was only 23 years old, until yesterday he had fun and let all of your dreams come true tonight!

  • May 24 will be the year when many doors will open and never close. To get everything you hoped for and enjoy having a drink, a cake and a party with those who love you!

  • Never lose memories from other times, the tempo you compare to reach more, live longer and especially enjoy your 24th birthday!

  • If you know that the time of happiness brings, it’s such a special moment and I do not want to waste time. Happy 24, my dear, you can have a wonderful time!

  • God loves you, we all love you and we all want a happy birthday, have fun and maybe the 24th is the beginning of more trips!

  • You’re amazing being awesome, you’re a 24-year-old legend I was hoping to meet. Live long and have fun. I love you, my brother!

  • You are old, you are only older, you are 24 years old, you are having fun, pay attention and, above all, do not let anyone restrict you. Happy birthday to my brother!

  • A wise man once said that youth was a work of nature, but it was an artistic period, to enjoy 24 years because it has never existed for 23 years, have fun!


Happy 24th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

happy 24th birthday wishes for boyfriend


Top 100 Happy 24th Birthday Wishes For Girl & Boy

A special person can always deserve a very special birthday. Therefore you have chosen a birthday card and write that will show how much you love and care for him. Also how proud you are to be their best person. You know that you will always surely love your special one. And no matter what therefore use his special day and to show him that he is an irreplaceable part of your life. These Top 100 Happy 24th Birthday Wishes For Girl & Boy greatly inspire your love one.

Happy 24th Birthday Wishes  for Brother / Sister

24th birthday wishes for son


  • Cute dreams have come true, I can honestly and honestly say that I had the opportunity to see a wonderful dream. Happy 24th birthday, it’s my king!

  • Every year, you become more beautiful, you win and never lose, your birthdays are always beautiful and you can have fun with your brother of 24 years!

  • If all the wishes of the birthday are not realized, I wish you a happy 24th birthday which is realized today. Enjoy and never complain about life 23. God bless you, sister.

  • We can not stay forever young. As you can see, you are 24 years old now. Let this new year of your life be special, wonderful times and good health. Happy birthday, 24 years old!

  • When I think of all that you have done, my heart is full of gratitude. I’m happy to be here to share a birthday cake with you. Happy 24th birthday.

  • 66.}Today you are greeted with your courage and today you deserve a treat. In fact, I’m kidding. What do you do Oh no, I did not do it. Anyway, my happy sister is turning 24 You’re the best. Hehehehe. Have a nice day

  • Yes, you have a healthy mind, but if you can be disciplined and have a deep enough thought, then you will be boundless. Happy 24th birthday of my child. Enjoy a beautiful day.

  • Intelligent, sexy, sweet and 24. All these adjectives define you today, darling. Happy 24th birthday.

  • We are reaching the 24th milestone of your life and I sincerely hope that the road ahead is much more satisfying than the road traveled to date. Happy 24th birthday, my friend.

  • It’s been more than two decades since you entered this world, and your presence is as innocent as it was at that time … you have a wonderful 24th birthday, my grandchild …

  • I have always had the pleasure of attending your birthdays and, as every year, this year, I will pray for you to have the happiness of your life. Happy 24th birthday, my friend.

  • 24 no? Oh, well, it’s time for us to finally treat you like a big boy … hey … happy birthday …

  • It does not matter if you’re 24 or 42 … All that’s important is to celebrate your birthday today, my friend, and we’ll have as much fun as we can … happy brother, 24 years old.

  • The birthday is the day of the year when you have to start from scratch and try to make the next year of your life as beautiful as possible. In this spirit, I wish you a happy 24th anniversary.

  • Happy 24th birthday, my big brother … I hope this year will be the best so far and that we can continue to offer something next year. Warning!

  • Oh … is your birthday today? I completely forgot about it … so now that I remember … Very happy 24th birthday for you my friend …

  • Birthdays come and go … but your birthday is something special because I have such a party that day … and from the 24th … I want a better party than last time .. haha … happy birthday

  • Happy 24th birthday to the most unusual person I know of my life. I hope you will succeed in life.


24 birthday wishes for best friend

Read More Birthday Wishes Related to Age Wise Here:

  • The birthday is all year long, when you go out of privileged treatment without any effort … so enjoy it, my dear … happy 24th birthday.

  • 1 2 3 4 … you were twenty-four years old … 5 6 7 8 … we are going to have a cake … hahaha … a happy friend.

  • Let us plan the 24 hours of your 24th birthday so that each hour brings something else … happy birthday, my friend …

  • 24 hours, the 24th birthday … call for something incredible every hour of the day … are you

  • Today is the day of your birth and we gathered here to appreciate it a lot

  • Celebrating a birthday is always a good thing, especially if your birthday is your favorite.

  • How is it that you are 24 years old and you are still the same child? Hehe … it’s time to grow up

  • Birthday very happy and fun to my dear friend, I hope you will have your 24th birthday

  • Since you are 24, it’s time to leave your childish whirlwind and make you … little … more adult … haha … happy birthday.

  • Here are 24 carrots for my friendcelebrate the 24th anniversary.Happy Birthday!

  • Happy your 24th birthday.May God bless you todayand gives you the power to have a positive attitude.

  • Today is the 24th birthday of a good friendand teammate! Happy Birthday!What do you think of a cake?

  • My love for you does not know the limits.My respect for you is so huge.This thought makes me happy that you are my brotherand I wish you a very warm and happy 24th anniversaryI love you, my brother!

  • When we were younger,I have always tried to find waysGet rid of yourself.Now that we are older,I wish you were always there.It’s funny how old age changes.Happy 24th birthday, dear sister ..!

  • Today, on your 24th birthday, I wantI tell you that I love you, to respect you,I care about you and I will always prayfor iou. You are so kind brotherI wish you the best birthday!

  • Happy 24th birthday!I hope you get all the gifts you want!Happy 24th birthday, darling!

  • Happy 24th birthdaysmart, fun and funsomeone who reminds me a lot of me.

  • I wish you the best birthday,which is so fantastic that it islive in your heart foreverand I want you to know thatwherever you go, I’m alwaysYou want the best for you.Happy 24th birthday!

  • You are the greatest treasure you will cultivate at the age of 24 because you are so promising in all aspects of life. Nothing will stop you from going to certain places. Happy 24th birthday.

  • I think people are not 24 years old without many factors. You are sure that you will reach great heights with your attitude. I wish you all good luck.

  • There is hardly anything else to say about everything that concerns you, you master the right way to grow. We are celebrating your 24th birthday. have fun

  • 24 is the golden age of youth. At this moment, relive life anywhere, every day and at any time. Enjoy your 24th birthday like mine.

  • Let your 24th birthday be a wonderful moment to bring what you miss in your life. God bless you and make you better. Happy 24th birthday.

  • Can we start your engagement soon? You always have the best for that. Happy 24th birthday!

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