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48th birthday may not be a milestone occasion but it’s still the best reason to celebrate. Whether it’s a great intimate of getting together or a party with friends and family. A good celebration is also a great way to show your love, care and respect with your special one. Now throwing a surprise party at night and takes a lot of careful planning with friends and family. After all if the birthday celebrant finds out about the party the surprise, gifts and party is spoiled. Send them invitations a month in advance. Just because of the guests can adjust their schedules. On the invitation card include the party date, time and also location. It’s also very important to let the guests to know on the invitations that the party is a surprise. Also send them a Happy 48th Birthday Wishes in very unique way.

Happy 48th Birthday Wishes to My Husband

Happy 48th Birthday Wishes

  • I want to congratulate you on your accomplishment, happy birthday, my dear friend.

  • I am looking for a real gift and I keep it, I hope you like it.

  • I want to tell you a lot of things soon, I hope this gift is everything for me.

  • I only want your success, your good health and your love of life.

  • Sometimes times will be difficult, but you have to continue, so it must be now.

  • Happy 48th birthday, can you still find the time to celebrate your birthday, like today?

  • There will be a moment when you will want to give up, but you have to continue, happy birthday.

  • I offer you all my love, hoping to adopt a moment and live a happier life.

  • There is something in your speech mode that makes me listen and have a good day!

  • There is so much to see and explore in the world. Go ahead, happy 48th birthday!

  • You have always been an ordinary person, so I hope you will love this gift I have for you.

  • There is nothing I do not like about you, so I wish you a happy birthday now.

  • You are progressing and you have the time of your life that you deserve and I want you to have it today.

  • I tell you that I wish you a happy 48th birthday and that you will be in good health for a long time.

  • You can go there and show the world what you can do, you will do it to perfection.

  • I believe in you and I know that one day you will come to the place where you want to be, happy birthday, my daughter!

  • You do not rejuvenate, but your will is always strong, enjoy a special day.

  • Happy 48th birthday, continue to have the same success as today and to do more.

  • You will always be you and me, happy 48th birthday to the soul of my beloved, you.

  • You belong to a world full of happiness, a world full of smile, find now this world.

There is no way to repay a special one contribution to their love one. And also all you can just love them unconditionally. But you have to be very careful about that none of your activities hurt your special one and looking for chances to make them very happy. Such as their birthday which is a joys and best occasion when you can show your deep love and care to your beloved and make them more happy. Your special one always stands by you through thick and thin. Best friends always cries when you get hurt. They laughs when you crack a joke. They also feels proud when you win. And encourages you to do better when you fail in any tough situation.

Happy 48th Birthday Wishes for wife

Birthday Wishes For Cousin

  • Something special and unique in you, I want to wish you a happy birthday!

  • It’s not easy to be you, I’m pretty sure of that, with the difficulties you face, but everything will be fine!

  • You are the best friend I have ever had and I want you to know that I want a happy 48th birthday!

  • Believe who you are and the rest of the world will follow you, happy birthday, darling.

  • There will be times when you will need a moment to catch up, but you will do it, my dear.

  • There is nothing better in the world than someone who will welcome you a happy birthday at 12 o’clock.

  • In the middle of this world, I found you and I hope you have a very good 48th birthday.

  • I forgot your age, I stopped counting and continued to celebrate my life, do you agree?

  • I would not say you are 48, I swear, it will be our little secret, so let’s have fun!

  • Today, you are 48 years old, you look like a 47 year old man, you have the happiest birthday!

  • Not because you look cool outside if you’re not in, happy birthday!

  • Now that you’re fat, you can make decisions and have fun.

  • Wait, I want you to know that you are a fun person and that you have a happy day!

  • It’s not too late to make changes in your life, go ahead, catch it, you can do it.

  • You have a happy 48th birthday and show your enemies that you are really serious.

  • There will always be a chance to be happy after the birthday.

  • I put all my trust in you and you will never move away from your goals, have a good day!

  • My dear, you’re one of the brightest stars I’ve ever seen, I wish you all the best in the present.

  • Who would have thought that you would become a wonderful woman, now 48 years old!

  • You deserve to be happy, so do not hesitate and celebrate, happy 48th birthday, my best wishes!

The color scheme for a surprise party at night doesn’t have to be specific. Using celebrant’s favorite colors is fine. Purchase streamers, candles, snow spray, balloons and also table linens. That always coordinate with each other and use all things to decorate the room. Make sure there is a beautiful dance area and also music the guests will enjoy for entertainment. When it’s close to party time getting special one out of the house and to the party is a must. 48 will make many people to feel older and also give you a very hard time getting up from bed in the morning. But you are still active and there is nothing that should stop you from living your life own. It is your life to take and also yours to make.

Happy 48th Birthday wishes for Father

Birthday Wishes For Colleague

In this stage of life out may feel like you are not comfortable with your wrinkled skin. Therefore we help out those who are turning 48 as well by wishing them a happy birthday. On their special day everyone wants that somebody enjoyed with them on their big day. And doesn’t matter how old are you. Now you have to browse through our best collection of unique birthday messages for friends. There is also amazing ideas of 48th Birthday Wishes and funny birthday images. Find the perfect way to send them an unforgettable birthday wishes.

Happy 48th Birthday wishes for Mother

Birthday Wishes For Boss

  • Happy 48th birthday, today you have a lot to eat, to play and to have fun.

  • All my respect and my love goes to you, especially today, during your big day, I’m going to have fun!

  • Have the gifts you want and people remember your day.

  • The good thing about a friend is that you receive tons of gifts from him, do not expect to have fun.

  • I missed so many of your best days that I did not miss, happy 48th birthday!

  • The best you can do is enjoy the day and be happy, but everything is going well!

  • Your destiny will rest on you and your hands, so go on, you can, I’m sure.

  • I hope the most beautiful day for you will be full of surprises.

  • Happy 48th birthday, I think you are one of the best people I have ever met in this life.

  • Now that you are older, you can go and have authority over the people in front of you.

  • Happy birthday and tell the rest of the world how happy you are.

  • It is undeniable that you are a woman of hell, who does not show signs of aging at 48 years!

  • Today is the day you can do what you want, the happy 48th birthday.

  • Let’s just have the best of everything we want now, we love you so much.

  • Your grandchildren want to see you and wish you the best birthday of your life, enjoy it.

  • For the moment, you have to relax and let things go well, just enjoy this happy life.

  • There is so much that we must congratulate you and one of them is now at this age.

  • Because of the good old days, I wish you a happy 48th birthday. We have been friends for a long time.

  • You are one of those older people, but whose memories are pure, my dear.

  • There is nothing in this world that I dare to change at home, we love you so much.

 Happy 48th Birthday Wishes For Male & Female

Which sms is best for your best friend now chose from them. Whether you have to enjoy and walking through Hallmark. looking inside all of the beautiful birthday cards to find the special one. And prefer to send an birthday wishing Card to your close friend on his or her special day. And even like making your own greetings and cards. There are many different and unique ways that you can make a wish that is just the best to wish well for your friend. Here is best collection of  Happy 48th Birthday Wishes For Male & Female for you. Now chose best wish from bellow and send to your 48 year old friend in unique way.

Happy 48th Birthday funny wishes

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

  • We are excited to celebrate your day with you and have fun, grandma!

  • Who would know that I will celebrate this day with you, happy 48th birthday, little child.

  • You are still a child in your heart, now I see, I wish you a happy 48th birthday.

  • Today, you are allowed to cheat to eat and eat what your heart really wants.

  • Wish what you want and we will make an effort to give it to you that day.

  • Grandmother, you are the most unusual woman I know and we wish you were the best now.

  • I wish you an exciting and adventurous day, a happy birthday, have fun.

  • You must tell me your secret on how to stay as beautiful as you are today.

  • What you need to understand is that no matter how old you are, we will always love you.

  • Yesterday, you were a year younger, now a little older, but you’re still the same, happy birthday!

  • Happy 48th birthday, do something today that will last a lifetime, change things, my daughter.

  • I would not change anything about you, I think you are perfect for what it is.

  • Listen, I want you to find what your heart is looking for, enjoy this day.

  • You deserve the best of the best harvest creams, happy birthday, my dear.

  • There is nothing to fear, and you just have to appreciate what you have and what you will have later.

  • Forget the worries and remember that everything will be fine, enjoy life and live fully.

  • Never let your past affect your present, you are old enough to understand it now, do you?

  • You are a success, no matter what others think of you, trust me about it.

  • What you are is a miracle for the world, be happy and think as best you can.

  • Change the world and have fun doing it, I know you can do great things.People will judge you quickly, but you can still enjoy life, I wish you the best birthday of all time.

  • You just have to think about what others think of you.

  • Better not to worry, laugh and forget for a moment.

    Happy 48th Birthday Wishes Messages Quotes

  • Have fun, I’ll take care to do it, believe me.

  • You deserve a happy 48th birthday, so I prepared you all the preparations, man.

  • The years have been good for you, but the weekends have forced you to suffer. Happy birthday and lots of good things.

  • I love your 48th birthday to toast!

  • I can not believe you are 48 years old. You look 47 years old.

  • If you are forty-eight years old. We will continue to have fun and break our mouths in the past.

  • I will not tell anyone that you are older than the country … It will be our little secret! Happy 48th birthday!

  • The fact that your birthday is proof again is that you did it for another year. Having the chance to celebrate 48 with you gives me hope to get there too!

  • I was thinking about your special day and I wish you all the best. But I forgot, how old are you? 38 or 39?

  • What did you think when you went out, remember, now your forty-eight years and better at home with your partner.

  • Significantly masked as an authoritarian adult. Happy 48th birthday!

  • The fact that there is snow on the roof does not mean that there is no fire in it. Happy 48th birthday!

  • Congratulations on reaching the 28 billion, 3 million and 968 millennium goals for your 48th birthday. Happy 48th birthday!

  • I hope you have fun for your birthday and start celebrating each one of them. Good luck

  • The birthday is a day of love. That’s what I always think of you. I would not celebrate the other day with you today.

  • I know that you just agreed to mix because I’m alone again. Maybe you would never hope that day

  • All the best for your 48th birthday. I will be here to celebrate this special day. Do not worry about an old man like me around you, feel young and free.

  • Now that you are forty-eight, you probably doubt your fate. Some say you should be dead, but you probably need a new bed.

  • You have just finished forty-eight years and your stomach spreads hatred for what you have eaten. But it’s still a celebration of life and I’m happy to be your wife.

  • I wish you a 48th birthday! Enjoy a nice day ..

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