100 Happy 50th Birthday Wishes Messages Quotes Love

A person who is turn 50 years old. Is not very young also nor very old although in some cases many people are extremely energetic too. This stage of age are sounds so interesting and it feels like you are half done with life. Now even though no one knows when that person is going to die in the coming days. That thing are totally depends on how healthy life you have live in previous years. Whatever their health is a birthday person always desires for a special birthday. Because this would be the person’s golden jubilee birthday. Therefore you do not want to miss any chance of making their day very special. Happy 50th Birthday Wishes are attracts the celebrants amazingly.

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes For her

50th Birthday Wishes

  • I wish you a wonderful 50th and fun!

  • I hope your 50th birthday will be unforgettable – and start this amazing year!

  • Let the next 50 be even better than the first.

  • I wish you the best things in life at age 50.

  • 50 years from you … and 50 more!

  • I hope your 50th is just the beginning of the incredible things that are coming.

  • Let each candle and the 50 come true.

  • The 50-year celebration may take a while. Let’s start it!

  • I hope your 50th year is your favorite so far!

  • Happy 50th birthday! I wish you a wonderful holiday and an amazing year.

  • 50 cheers for 50 years. Let the party begin!

  • If you are a new face of 50 years, it will be a wonderful year!

  • You have so many reasons to be proud of 50. Congratulations and have fun!

  • You do not look at a nice day!

  • You have created a wonderful life and family. Congratulations on 50 amazing years!

  • Fifty has never been so beautiful!

  • You are the youngest 50 year old girl I know!

  • You look great for any age and incredible for 50 years!

  • 50 years old and at the top of your form. Awesome!

  • 50 is the number only when you are still young.

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes For him

50th birthday wishes For Friend

In many countries there are many cultures. That believe that reaching age 50 deserves very special respectful attention. For that reason you have to find the best happy 50th birthday wishes, messages, quotes and sayings in this section. There are beautiful happy 50th birthday wishes, messages and quotes. That you have to write in a gift tag or on a birthday card. Turning to this age. And birthday greetings should be as special as this milestone birthday. Now there is a time to get creative. And also help to make that person feel extra special. As they journey over the hill with 50th happy birthday wishes.

  • Happy 50th birthday to one of the greatest creations of this century!

  • Happy 25th Anniversary of the 25th Anniversary!

  • Whoever says 50 is the new 30, go out with them!

  • 50 years may be mandatory, but growing up is not necessary. Happy birthday, kid!

  • I’m joking about your age, but I’m afraid to laugh on my lips. Happi 50th!

  • Let’s see … a 50-year-old dog would make you … glorious! Be the oldest dog of all time.

  • Buy a sports car, get a tattoo, go on a trip, learn something new. Let the middle age crisis begin BEFORE!

  • You are only 50 years old. Make a hangover is worth it!

  • If aging has become better … you are nearing perfection!

  • Do not consider him 50 years old. You see him as a 21-year-old with 29 years of experience.

  • Fifty is the new “Who cares?” Relax, have fun and have fun!

  • Happy Birthday! The world has improved for you in the last 50 years. We wish you many happy returns.

  • Congratulations on your 50th birthday! I wish you many happy returns in the years to come.

  • I wish you a safe return in this unforgettable birthday! Have a nice day!

  • Happy 50th birthday! I wish you a wonderful day and a wonderful year for fifty.

  • Let the next half-century of your life be as wonderful as the first half!

  • I wish you a happy return to your fiftieth birthday!

  • Your first 50 years on Earth have been incredible, so I can not wait to see what you do in the next 50 years. Happy Birthday!

  • I wish you a happy 50th birthday and many happy returns to enjoy the finer things in life.

  • Congratulations on your 50th birthday! I wish you many good things in the years to come, from your birthday. Enjoy this well deserved vacation!

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes For Brother / Sister

50th birthday wishes Message

Today your someone special turn into 50 years old. After they have to seen and also have experienced a lot of amazing things. And also after a half century of living. Now you have to say Happy 50th birthday by wishing them to keep up the good work. When your someone reach these lovely 5th decade of life. For that it is always very nice to say or also put in writing. Some sort of appreciation and beautiful words of how well they did in their life. There is no doubt birthdays are always very special occasions. If it is a golden jubilee then there is lots of happiness and also memorable moments. Really it’s a great and very special event to cherish with near and dear one.

  • Happy Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful 50th birthday and you are really spoiled by this beautiful day!

  • Go to the electricity on the big five! I hope you have an incredible 50 years.

  • Happy 50th birthday! Do not forget to iron this birthday costume.

  • Are you fifty? Better to take this cake outdoors to burn candles! Happy Birthday

  • Happy 50th birthday! I am so happy to hear that you are above the hill, not below.

  • Do not let your aging take off. It’s too difficult to get up! Happy 50th birthday!

  • Welcome to the Middle Ages: at that moment, when your head finally reaches your body, it begins to break down. Happy 50th birthday!

  • Do not panic, do not see that gray hair. These are the twinkling birthday tips that come out of your head! It’s time to celebrate your 50th birthday!

  • Technically, you are not 50 years old. You only have $ 49.95 plus taxes!

  • Congratulations! You are 50 years old! Smile as long as you still have teeth.

  • You are 50 years old and have acquired a lot of common sense … which is an opportunity because your vision and your hearing are not what they are!

  • You have so much to expect in the fifties. Bob Hope said, “I do not feel old, I do not feel anything before noon, it’s time to shave.

  • It’s good to burn the candles of your birthday cakes now; I already warned the firefighters. Happy 50th birthday!

  • Congratulations, you’ve finally arrived at Wonderland … wondering where your car was parked? I wonder where you left the phone? I wonder where are your glasses? I wonder what day is it? Happy 50th birthday!

  • So, you are finally 50 years old. We can now finish your year for 100 years!

  • Congratulations, you are fifty years old now! Here are some things you can expect.

  • Congratulations on your 50th birthday! What a great opportunity to stop and think about everything you have done in your life so far. You are an inspiration to us all. May your future be bright and full of blessings!

  • Happy birthday to the most favorite and kindest person I know. I hope that you will have 50 fantastic years and that next year will be long and full of blessings for you and your family.

  • I wish you all the best for your 50th birthday and many happy returns for the next year. Enjoy the attention on your special day, you have deserved my wonderful friend.

  • Many happy come back to your 50th birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with friends, family and cakes!

 100 Happy 50th Birthday Wishes Messages Quotes

50th birthday wishes For Sister

There are many people who can still enjoy life to the fullest for many more years to come. Whether it is your wife, husband, parents, uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma, neighbour, boss, teacher, close friend, brother, sister and colleague. Always wish them a very happy 50th birthday with inspirational wishes, messages and quotes about life. And also funny messages of birthday about getting old. Go back to your old school and write something sweet and unique on birthday card. Instead of poking the oldies on Facebook and also on Pinterest. Let your birthday wishes can be the motivation. That always makes them look forward to many more decades of smiles and beautiful memories. Here is a long list of Top 100 Happy 50th Birthday Wishes For Male & Female for you. Now you have to select the best birthday wish and send to your special one.

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes For Father

50th birthday wishes For Brother

  • Happy 50th birthday! I am very grateful to you for your friendship and all the pleasure we have shared over the years. Here are more!

  • You are such a generous, kind and incredible person and I am very happy to have you as a friend. We wish you another 50th anniversary and our best wishes for the coming year.

  • By sending you many happy returns for your fiftieth birthday! I hope you will have a wonderful day celebrating with your family and friends. I’m sorry, we can not be with you, but we will raise our glass so that you are always healthy and your future happiness [designates a place].

  • Do not worry, dear friend, this is not the fight, these are smiling lines and I hope you will have a lot more here at 60!

  • How old are you?! Better to take this cake outdoors to burn candles! Happy 50th birthday!

  • Relax and enjoy the 50th anniversary, your day of brilliance! Who cares if you have another year? And you are wiser, more experienced and ready to face all the difficulties of life! You have it!

  • Happy 50th birthday to my dear sister! You are such a wonderful person and you deserve so much happiness on a special day. I hope he is filled with joy and laughter!

  • When I count my blessings, I count you twice! Happy 50th birthday to my dear sister and best friend!

  • By sending you happy birthdays by the sea Although we are far from each other, you are never far from my heart. Happy 50th birthday, my sister!

  • If I could do my hugs and kisses, I would send them your express mail. Happy fiftieth birthday, dear sister, I’m sorry I can not be with you today!

  • Congratulations to my dear sister for her 50th birthday! I raise a glass in your honor.

  • Do not worry, sister, they do not fight, they smile, and I hope you’ll have a lot more in 60 years!

  • Night sweats and hot flashes are a natural way to lower your heating bill so you can save more for your retirement. Happy 50th birthday my sister!

  • Do not panic, do not see that gray hair. These are the twinkling birthday tips that come out of your head! It’s time to celebrate your 50th birthday!

  • Happy 20th anniversary of your 30th birthday!

  • You are not 50 years old. You are 18 years old and 32 years of experience!

  • Do you remember your enthusiasm when you were 10 years old? Now you should be 5 times more excited! Happy 50th birthday!

  • Happy 50th birthday to my brother. Next year, we risk laughing with our own jokes and staying healthy! Happy Birthday!

  • You have arrived at the ideal moment. Old enough to recognize your mistakes, but young enough to do it again! Happy 50th birthday!

  • Happy birthday and enjoy the holidays – you deserve it! Happy 50th birthday!

  • .Happy Birthday! Do not be afraid, you are 50 years old. Birthdays are good for you. The more you live, the more you live.

  • No matter how serious our lives or our age, we must have in your life that person with whom you can be completely stupid. I am so happy that you are my brother! Great 50th Anniversary!

  • Forget the years. If you keep extinguishing birthday candles, everything is fine! Happy 50th birthday!

  • It’s remarkable how long we’ve been supporting each other. A happy friend of the 50th birthday!

  • What’s fun with you is that even when you’re old, your maturity level stays the same! Happy 50th birthday brother!

  • Happy 50th birthday! Although we are far from each other, you are never far from my thoughts. Send your birthday wishes in miles! I hope you had a good day!

  • Happy 50th birthday to the best mom of all time! Of course, every year you get older, but for me, your heart is still young.

  • Mom, you are the only one who can do everything and always looks good! Do you know how it is? Super Mom. Happy 50th birthday to a rejuvenated woman!

    Happy 50th Birthday Wishes For Mother

  • Happy 50th birthday to my mother, my mentor and my friend. God bless you every year.

  • Happy 50th birthday mom! Congratulations to the next half century. During your life, you have worked to satisfy our desires. Now is the time to satisfy some of your desires!

  • Dear mother, perhaps we are now separated, but your influence is always with me. No matter where I go or what I do, you will always be in my heart! I speak to you on this special day. Happy 50th birthday!

  • If things get better over the years, you are approaching beauty! Congratulations on the 50th mother.

  • Do not worry, mom, a little gray hair is a small price for so much wisdom! Happy 50th birthday!

  • It’s amazing how beautiful you are for your years, given the grief I gave you when I was younger Happy 50th birthday, Mom!

  • All your life, you have worked to satisfy our desires. Today, it’s up to you to express your wishes. Happy 50th birthday, dad!

  • Happy 50th birthday of dad! That all your fish are big, that your beer is cold and that your sports teams have a winning season!

  • You do not grow old, dad … but it gets stronger! Happy 50th birthday!

  • Dad, you’re an old man, but hey. Happy 50th anniversary of one of your greatest hits!

  • Dad, we are both getting older, but I will always be your girlfriend. Happy 50th birthday!

  • 50 is pretty prehistoric. But at least you are not dead.

  • You have half a century of accumulated knowledge and wisdom! That would be great … if you remember.

  • Happy 50th birthday. Congratulations … from now on, you are officially old!

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