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Sweet 100 Happy 16th Birthday Wishes For Girl & Boy

Beautiful sixteen it is the best pre-stage of adulthood. And always a really charming and bright part of every person’s life. And That is a serious age a life border. And an exciting year of life you can call it the way you want and you will be right. If your beloved person is about to become a serious grown up man or woman. Then you should pay full attention to details when greeting him/her with the new year of precious life. Happy 16th Birthday Wishes greatly inspire the birthday person. Happy birthday is the sweetest 16 years I know! You became such a beautiful young woman, inside and outside!

Happy Sweet 16 Birthay Wishes For Boy

Happy Sweet 16 Birthay Wishes For Boy


  • Best wishes when you celebrate your big day! Sweet 16 – I do not know what to say ?! May this year be your best year and receive an abundance of blessings!

  • You became a very good young man. I could not be proud of you. Let your 16th birthday be unforgettable and beautiful.

  • Hip-Hip time! It’s your big day! Let your 16th year be your best year! I know it will be a huge success! Happy 16th birthday!

  • 16 years old and you’ve already achieved so much! I can not wait to see what will bring 16+! You constantly impress me with your maturity and your intelligence – you are too wise for your years! Happy Birthday to You!

  • Happy Birthday! May your year be full of surprises and wonders at every turn! Enjoy your 16th birthday until the end! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday to my sweet 16 years! I can not believe that the year has finally arrived – I did not think we would survive these bad pre-teen years! A lot of love for your big day!

  • Happy Birthday! Let’s live long and prosperous! According to the great Joda: “Do it or not, there is no attempt!”

  • Cute sweet and delicious: it must be your special day! Congratulations on the sixteenth.

  • Happy birthday to someone so wonderful and wonderful that I simply could not imagine life without them! You are an incredible human being, inside and out! Many blessings are sent to you!

  • Happy 16th birthday! A lot of love and lots of good thoughts are sent on your way. You have a good life in front of you and its beginning is just starting! Enjoy this special day!

  • Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! You look like a monkey and you smell too! Wear the only person who could go out saying – your brother! Have a good day … at the zoo.

  • No, I do not have the keys of your new car in my pocket. No, I do not have a parked new car on the driveway. Yes, I have a great desire for a birthday for you! Happy birthday to unbelievable 16 years!

  • If I could give you anything, I would keep you in the human being sure of you, brilliant and beautiful, and you are right now for all the years to come. You will never be 16 years old, enjoy this wonderful, mysterious, stimulating and fun time!

  • Happy 16th birthday. Be surrounded and surrounded by a huge sea of joy, love, family and friendship. You’re a really cute girl!

  • My wish for you today is simple, you have the best day and make the absolute majority of your special day! Once you’re 16, you’re out and enjoyed it!

  • If your Sweet 16th birthday is special and stunning as you do, you will have a totally incredible, incredible and incredible birthday.

  • According to Marie-Antoinette “Let them eat a cake!” Best wishes! Let’s go eat some of this delicious cake

  • From me to you. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is as beautiful as you are, which is wonderful.

  • I wish you the best! Enjoy this beautiful day. 21.}You can become a true teenager for another 3 years before becoming an adult and not enjoy things like water bills, car insurance and taxes.You are the bravest and bravest 16 year old I’ve ever met! Let’s take this 16th year of your life!

Sixteen is too important period not to pay attention to it. But its influence on the life of a teenager. You have need to be careful while preparing the celebrations of a special day. When your beloved person is turning sixteen and make it should be a very perfect and unforgettable day. Unforgettable and memorable in a positive sense. Of course as no one wants to remember the dull or frustrating moments of their life.

Happy Birthday wishes for girlfriend

Not even talking of the dull moments on their birthday celebration. That was a a life border and an very exciting year.  Let them do things that you never thought you could do. To try things you never thought. This year, you will do things that you previously thought were unachievable. You will beat them and close next to them.

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • The most beautiful wishes to a beautiful human being. I hope your 16th birthday is truly magical. Enjoy everything from your special day.

  • You are about to become an adult, but you are not exactly here – thank God – enjoy the last few years without being an adult. You can do anything you think! Happy Birthday.

  • From elderly to very young people, drink ginger beer when you have problems with your stomach and go out and travel as far as you can

  • It’s amazing to enjoy life as much as you. Your passion for life is addictive and inspiring. Happy birthday, a wonderful person

  • What do you want for your birthday? You want a month? They start the hair around him and bring him back to you. Everything your heart wants is yours today. Just say! Happy birthday to someone special for me! Let’s always think of life as “It’s a wonderful life”

  • Whenever the ring rings, the 15-year-old is promoted to 16! Can you believe it? Well, I guess you can, like you, who is promoted! Happy 16th birthday! * Ring-a-Ding-Ding

  • It’s time for the party! Who goes to the club because it’s your birthday? Iep! You’re absolutely right. It’s your great special day. It’s finally here – you’re 16! Happy birthday to my best friend!

  • Sweet and sassy 16! I never thought that day would come and now it’s here. My precious little girl is only 16 years old and yet she grew up as a young woman! Happy birthday, my child. No matter how old or how old you are, you will always be my little girl!

  • My whole world has changed when the doctor first put you in my hands. Best wishes, my son. Let’s just know the happiness of your whole life. I love you.

  • Son, on your 16th birthday, may God bless you abundantly and give up all the desires of your heart. Happy birthday son.You always made me proud. And on a special day like this, I just want to convince you of my endless love and support. I can not believe how fast you grew up.

  • It’s amazing to see you were just a baby yesterday. You grew up today. Happy birthday, my adorable son. I hope you enjoy every second of this day. I love you now and forever

  • Happy 16th birthday, my son. By celebrating your birthday, know that we appreciate you and that we will do everything to make you smile. We love you so much

  • May happiness be your companion during this exciting new phase of your life. An amazing birthday. We love you, my son. Never forget that!

  • Iai! You are finally 16 years old, which means that you can officially drive and do many other interesting things. Son, I hope you enjoy every second of this special day

  • I send you the oceans of love, kisses and embraces for your special day. May God fill your heart with all your happiness and all the love you can keep. Happy 16th, dear son. We are so proud of you.

  • Marking this great phase of your life, let God bless you with happiness, health and prosperity. Thank you for bringing us so much happiness into our lives. We love you, my son.

  • You grow too fast! My warmest and most sincere desire for my beautiful and intelligent girl. May God never stop blessing you.

Beautiful Sixteen is the age when a gorgeous teenager feels almost grown up fully. Because turning sixteen is a big deal to any teenager. 16 birthday gifts, surprises and parties are big to those celebrating them and also for those who around them. Definitely it will make them so happy to have beautiful, memorable, amazing and thoughtful 16th Birthday Wishes that they can read and keep in mind. No doubt 16th Birthday Wishes should be tough to figure out as your typical teenager. Sixteen have a difficult enough time for trying to feel good about themselves.

Happy 16 Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy 16 Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Happy 16th birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. As you celebrate your special day, pray for God’s blessing and guidance in your life.

  • Thank you for always putting a smile on our faces. We love you more than we can express.Happy 16th birthday to an amazing girl! Let your life be filled with happiness and success. We love you so much and we are so proud of you. Happy birthday again.

  • I can not believe you are 16 today, my beautiful daughters. My wish for you on this day of your life is to enjoy every moment of your life and never cease to believe in yourself.

  • May God always lead and protect you. Happi 16th! I love you so much.

  • Today is your 16th birthday and, no doubt, it is the main stage of your life. When you turn off 16 birthday candles and enter a new phase of your life, I want nothing but the best.

  • May your heart always overflow with happiness. Happy sixteen, sweetie

  • Today is your big day since you are officially 16 years old. On that day, I pray that every desire of your heart that brings you pure happiness finds the way to you. I love you so much, my dear darling. An incredible birthday.

  • The happiest and most precious moments of our lives have always turned. We are happy to be blessed with a girl like you. May God always pour out his incredible love and blessings on your life.

  • My sweet daughter, my best wishes on this special day. Never lose confidence in yourself. You always see success. And more importantly, God always bless you and protect you. I love you from the heart. Have a wonderful and exciting 16th birthday

  • So fast growing! But whatever your age, you will always be my dear angel. Happy birthday, my dear angels, and know that my love for you is infinite

  • Today is your special day, the nephew. May this day bring you closer to accomplishing all the goals you have set yourself up in this life. Celebrate this day knowing that you can always count on me to be with you.

  • Congratulations on your 16th year. We know you will be a safe driver because you have 16 years of driving experience. You have been dying your parents for 16 years. Happi 16th!

  • You only have 1 year to spend at 16, do not spend in the same place.

  • Sixteen years filled with new responsibilities; meeting, driving and first job. You will find years later that none of these things can be excited. Happi 16th Birthdai!

  • The law may say that you are old enough to drive, but I know you are really only 10 years and 6 years of experience. Children 10 years old should not drive. Happy 16th anyway.Congratulations to you for 16 years. Your insurance company will consider you a driver aged 0 years. Make sure you wear diapers … I’m talking about the belt.

  • If 16-year-old drivers are the most dangerous drivers, statistically, the most dangerous place you drive is one where many 16-year-old drivers are concentrated. Stay away from the school parking lot.

  • Remember, even if you are 16 years old, a part of your brain that controls impulses develops. Unfortunately, you probably did not read my message because the money on this card has hindered you.

  • You are not too young to be used by God. Continue to show your solid faith as a 16-year-old Christian and to influence people around you because it can not do any older person. (Christian themes)

  • When we realize that you are 16, we are proud of everything we know you have accomplished. We are excited to see you grow up and become more responsible and mature. Happi 16th! “(From parents / grandparents)

  • Happy birthday to a beautiful girl. You have become a beautiful young woman and someone I am proud of. I hope you enjoy this special day as much as I enjoy watching you grow over the years.

Always make things very easy for them and also for yourself with a lackluster Happy 16th Birthday Wishes from Mom to daughter . 16th Happy Birthday is always a very memorable birthday for anyone. Although if you want to make memorable special day then you can do lots of funny things for making more memorable, which you have not done before. Well you don’t go in the wrong direction just be adventures. Always go on adventures ride with a couple of your special friends. It will be a unforgettable birthday for you. Sixteenth is always the sweetest in all the birthdays of youth.

Happy Birthday wishes for 16 Year Old Girl 

Happy Birthday wishes for 16 Year Old Girl 

  • It was a pleasure to see you go from a little girl to an imaginary young woman. You deserve the best that the world offers you. A nice birthday!

  • It was a pleasure to see you from a girl to an imaginary young woman. You deserve the best that the world offers you. Happy Birthday!

  • The sixteenth is a great turning point and I know that you will manage your newly acquired freedom with all the grace and maturity you have acquired over the years.

  • Hou la la! I hope the world is ready for its new driver! Be careful and have fun with new wheels (even if it’s just a borrowed home mobile).

  • You are sixteen, you are beautiful and you are ready for a party! I know you are mature enough to handle all the new freedoms this year will bring. Have fun and enjoy everything. Remember, you only live once!

  • Do you know what I like most about you? You never act like you knew how special you are. You are always just you and make everyone happy to know you.

  • I’m so happy to have a friend like you. You have always been there for me and I hope I will always be there for you. I can not imagine it otherwise!

  • The best thing about 16 is that you know that you have only two years after 18! Okay, I’m joking and I know you’ll enjoy your 16 year old. I hope you have an extraordinary birthday.

  • It seems that for sixteen years, the time needed for a pretty baby to turn into a beautiful young woman was enough. You grew a lot and it was a pleasure to see the person you became.

  • It’s hard to say how proud I am to you. You grew up to become a good young adult. Congratulations on your special day!

  • As we celebrate your birthday, I think of all the times when we were not sure how we would get to this day. You did, and I could not be more proud.

  • I want to be sixteen! Seeing that you had reached that great moment, I again felt young. Come out and love every minute, because the weather is flying!

  • You are young, smart and strong. Enjoy all that is and all you can one day. Happy sweet sixteenth!

  • I’ve always known that your parents will educate you well, but I could never guess how good it is! It’s great to see these almost all adults.

  • The best birthday I ever had was when I was 16 years old. I know it’s exciting to take a driver test. However, there is no need to be nervous, because you will be great. Happy 16th for you.

  • I am so proud of the sweet young woman you have developed. Take the time to bang on your back to celebrate this important day in your life.

  • Happy birthday to a beautiful friend and an intelligent and caring person. I hope you get everything you want, today and always.

  • At the age of 16, a lot of exciting things come your way. It’s good – even cool – get excited about life! Enjoy every second of this year! Happy 16th birthday!

  • I think there’s a star in you. Your inner light flickers with such brightness. Let your 16th birthday have an incredible splendor!

Sweet 100 Happy 16th Birthday Wishes For Girl & Boy

Sweet 100 Happy 16th Birthday Wishes For Girl & Boy

  • It’s your special day, your birthday. If it’s as special as you, it will be extraordinary. Happy 16th birthday!

  • Have fun today with your friends! After all, it’s your 16th birthday and you do not rejuvenate! Become crazy!

  • Best wishes when you celebrate your big day! Sweet 16 – I do not know what to say ?! May this year be your best year and receive an abundance of blessings!

  • Would it be great to do some funky bling on the 16th birthday? Flash, Flash! Yeah … it’s completely different, is not it? Anyway happy 16th birthday!

  • Being 16 years old is wonderful because you can behave just like an adult and as stupid as necessary. Enjoy this phase of your life while you have it. Happy Birthday

  • I have two tips for you on my 16th birthday. First: forget the past because you can not change it. Second: forget about the gift because I did not buy it. Joking! Happy Birthday!

  • Explaining the life of a young man of sixteen is like swimming a fish, so I will give you some conscientious advice. Have fun for your birthday.

  • Farewell Kiss ‘spin the bottle’ and welcome the outings! And maybe even your driver’s license! 16 does not sound good?

  • It’s so big today that your parents are excited! Excited you no longer have to drive you! Happy 16th birthday.

  • You’ll probably have a lot of presents tonight, but your insurance company gets too much – a bonus. Happy 16th birthday!

  • Do you know why the 16 year old boy is awesome? You get all that independence, but you still have no responsibility. Happy Birthday!

  • Not for the impatient because you left, and guess what? You’re just starting! Happy Sveet 16!

  • You will have many opportunities to show your maturity as an adult, but why lose your childhood? Happi 16 B’dai!Not for the impatient.

  • The sixteenth is the official license to do a lot of things unofficially, you know what I mean if you understand me, so do not waste your time and go enjoy … Haha .. Your 16th birthday is happy!

  • The law might say you’re old enough to drive, but I know you only have 10 years and 6 years of experience.

  • Children 10 years old should not drive. In any case happy on the 16th.

  • Anyone who is 16 years old is not as nice as you. Anyone who is 16 years old can not do the things you do. You have a big heart and a happy smile and you are very kind. May 16th will be a fabulous moment in your life! Happy Birthday!

  • I knew when I met you that we would be together forever. I know we are only 16, but I hope it’s the first of many anniversaries we celebrate together.

  • These are the best years of your life. If you really want to enjoy it, enjoy it without any misuse. Happy 16th birthday to my friend! These are the best years of your life. If you really want to enjoy it, enjoy it without any misuse. Happy 16th birthday to my friend!

  • Happy birthday to someone I love more than Nutella! I hope your special day is perfect and you will get everything you’ve ever wanted and more!

  • I’m sorry I could not bring Kate Upton in a gift box. I still hope you like what I got you! Happy birthday to my best friend!

16th year the birthday girl is taller, beautiful, smarter, faster, and so funnier. And all those achievements are all cause for celebration. 16th chapter in every person’s life is very similar to standing in a line between the teenage years and also with in adulthood. For a 16th girl it is a spring to womanhood while for a 16th boy a step closer to manhood. Here are Top 100 Happy 16th Birthday Wishes For Girl & Boy that you can send to your beloved person who turning 16 on their birthday. There is no matter who you are and what you are to them now. These 16th Birthday Wishes are definitely for keeps.

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