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100+ Love Quotes For Crush

Love Quotes For Crush


love quotes for crush

When you feel extreme love in your heart and want to describe your feelings and emotions to your crush and you don’t have the power of expression or you are much shy to share your affection and love with your crush. So, don’t be disheartened because we are feeling happy to help you. We share sweet and beautiful words which really show your love. Here, a collection of love quotes for Crush for you. You send these lovely quotes for crush and make happy and joyous to your crush. Love at an early age usually ends soon. So, children and teenagers who have a crush afraid of this reality that their love and emotion would not be wasted because they firstly fall in love.

Love is the most strong and greatest feeling and emotion of this universe. Love is a magical feeling and it has the power of happiness.   Love has various aspects. All aspects and ways of love are sweet and unique. This is as important and essential as oxygen not only for human beings but also for all living creatures. Love and care are a tonic of life. This world’s beauty is the combination of different things. Different people love in different ways.  love is a noble feeling which is unexpressible like parents’ love divine towards their children and teachers’ love are for their students etc. Love knows no boundaries.

This is the most beautiful and amazing feeling if you have a crush on someone in your life.  Firstly I want to define the word “Crush”, in a short term but extreme and strong feelings of love with someone are mostly one-sided. According to psychological research, a crush lasts no more than four months,  if this has been exceeded, it means you are in love. However, we can’t define love and crush in proper words because there is no authentic definition of love or crush. It is very pure strong feelings and there are no parameters to define in a physical form.

When you see your Crush you smile without any reason like a fool. When you are with him or her, you are filled with joyful and happy emotions. It is great fun and loving, but sometimes it is a painful and embarrassing condition because you can’t find a person as you want and probably love the most. Although it is not easy to find the right person but most of the time we are in love without any intention. So, we can say it is easy to fall in love but it can be hard and strenuous to describe your feelings and emotions in the right time and proper way to your crush. When you are assured that you will be denied, it is very difficult to understand and find real happiness. You may not feel comfortable and happy in the presence of your crush because you can’t express yourself in a better way or you may be scared to speak because of your shyness. If you don’t hide your love anymore and want to express your love to your crush, the time is come to describe your feelings and emotions in conversation lines and start texting with your special person to let them know. how are you feeling? It is really an amazing feeling to show or describe your love when shared with your crush. Slowly, it takes time, of course, usually start with the crush. it may be frightened you because no one likes to be rejected and your crush works both ways. Fear of rejection is a real obstacle that keeps you and your crush alert and careful when your relationship begins to cross the zone of friendship.  Don’t worry, we are here for your help and want to tell you more tips and also guide you when and how to tell your loves one, how your emotions are rising. Where do you start? Sometimes it is embarrassing to say a small word. So, you write small and beautiful messages and send your crush.  Hence, the three most powerful words, which are “I Love You.” You must know what is the perfect time and how to describe your love with your crush because the right timing and the perfect way is the key that will touch your crush’s heart.

love quotes for Crush


You may have feelings of both excitement and terrifying, which make you confused. These all various feelings convert to happiness when you know what is inside of your soul and in your heart and you are eligible to convey it in a proper way.

We have found and brought some lovely messages and sweet short quotes for your loved one and crush, which are amazing and beautiful and describe your love in a better way.  Short but sweet messages with some emojis is a comprehensive way to describe your love in a smart way. So, we bring a precious treasure of Love Quotes For Crush. With this precious collection, you wish your crush and make your crush happy and joyful with your beautiful words.

I don’t know why I’m so afraid of losing you when you’re not even mine.


You have never seen my love and nor you are heard but I feel it strongly.


I wouldn’t do anything to make you mine forever.


It doesn’t take a genius to understand what’s between us.


If I know what love is, it’s because of you.

love quotes for crush

Lovely Quotes For Crush

You are the only thing that matters to me, my love for you will last forever.


When he’s not yours, but you don’t want him to date anyone


When I see you, I admit that I start to lose control and all my calm.



It feels good to love someone Looks like you’re alive, you know.


If I had only one flower to think of you, I could walk in my garden forever.


Give a nickname to your crush that only know you and your friends.


I wanted to be your friend Becoming your lover was everything I ever dreamed of.


You know what it’s like to love someone you can’t stand so much and you know they’ll never feel that way.


I wanna touch you. Your mouth, with my mouth. Maybe even your neck. But first and foremost: tell him I’m here.


The mark of true passion… is that you fall in love first and feel the reasons later.

When you fall in love with someone, everything makes them fascinating and attractive.
I want to be the person who makes you laugh and smile every day.
If you see that I am what I think you are, stay here forever, why can’t you see that you are with me?
I have a lot more to do in my life right now, but instead, I’m stuck here on crushing you.
You must let me love you, let me be the one to give you everything you want and you need.
love quotes for crush

Cute Quotes For Crush

When I think about you I destroy a clumsy smile on my face.
There is nothing better than when your love is also in love with you.
It’s strange that one day someone may look normal to you, and the next day, realize that you are in love with that person. It’s like suddenly turning on a light bulb.
I just want to hug you, I want to treat you well, I want to be with you day and night.
I think about you all the time, whether in my mind or in my heart.
I love you; I hope you feel the same way I do: when I’m with you, it becomes too fast for me; Oh I’m in love with you.
The weird moment when your crush asks who your crush is?
It’s hard for me to pose that I don’t like you. Although I’m in extremely love with you.
This situation is awful and difficult than when your crush has feelings for someone who isn’t you.
I can’t try to think of anything else, my thoughts always come back to you.
My heart trembled when I saw you.
There is something special about you that I can’t describe.
You are my crush. My all thoughts are for you. I fell in love with your personality. Your looks are just a bonus.

Best Love Quotes For Crush

Keep away from someone because you are a hilarious crush on them.
Our silly conversation is more important to me than you think.
You don’t know how much you love someone unless you see them as someone else.
If you sit next to me then I think I forgot to breathe.
Sorry boys, but I already have a guy who is not interested.
I’m afraid you won’t like me, but I’m afraid to miss a meeting with you if I sit down with you and say nothing.
I don’t want to hide your love from you anymore. I really love you extremely.
I’m surprised to see how I look in your eyes.
You don’t know how much I love you. I can’t show that I wanna live with you forever.
you are getting so pretty day by day. This is amazing for me because you are my crush.
love quotes for crush

Beautiful Love Quotes For Crush

The moment is beautiful for me when you and I look at each other and smile.
It is difficult for me, how to describe but I think we are made for each other.
I just want to be your favorite personality.
She’s like a beautiful song that he can’t remove from his head.
A boy and a girl can only be friends, but at some point, they will fall in love … maybe for short time, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe for always.
I’m still trying to overcome someone I’ve never dated.
It’s getting harder to hide my feelings from you.
I’m still in love, that’s clear.
I always want you to think of me while I am far away from you.
love quotes for crush

Sweet Love Quotes For Crush

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And I am sure sometimes you will be surprised by me.
I don’t know he is good or bad, He just seems to be mine.
I love you either you are perfect or not.
I don’t want to sleep because you are my love and my dream. So, I want to see you in reality, not in dreams.
True love belongs to the happiness of others. You are my crush and I love you very much.
If you have a crush on anyone then you become important yourself.
I wanna live in your heart forever because you are my Crush.
You make my life perfect and full of happiness. I love you very much.
Your presence fills my heart with happiness and pleasure. You are really my Crush.
You are my heaven and I wanna live in it forever, My Love.
If I have a choice to birth 100 times then in every life I love to live with you.
When I see flowers, I think about you because you fill my heart with joy and glee like flowers.
You are my Love, My Dream, and my Crush. you are my life.
Life without you is nothing. So, You always live with me and make my life happy and amazing my Love.
I want you to be my heart.
You are always my first thinking either I am in sleep or awake. You are my true love.
You are my Crush. This thinking is amazing for me and I want to be happy with this thinking forever.

love quotes for crush

Romantic Love Quotes For Crush

I can’t stop loving you because if I do this. This is the end of my life.
If you have a person with whom you want to spend your whole life. Then you are a fortune.
My life started when I started loving you. You are my sweetheart.
Your love is my beginning and it would be my end.
My world is complete when you are with me.
I love you my dear Crush.
Your presence is amazing and makes me happy always. I love you darling.
When we are together, I consider we are one. My Love.
You are my Crush and I always enjoy this thinking.
I know about true love after meeting you. Love you Crush.
Although I can’t share my love, how much I do.
You are my Crush and our story would not be ended.
I love you truly now and forever.
I want to live with you for the rest of my life because I wanna see you forever in my life.
Real love never gives importance to the weakness of his or her lover.
My dear Crush, our love story is very beautiful and amazing.
I can smile without reason because you are my love.
You are the best part of my life.
Your presence makes me happy and I feel fly without wings.
You are the best part of my life. I love you Crush.
I love you with my heart, my soul, and my mind.
Love stories have not ended. So, I am glad about my love story.
My Crush, Your love completed me, I am really thankful.
love quotes for crush

True Love Quotes For Love 

My dear Crush, You can live in my heart without any rent.
When I feel You, I  am happy.
I enjoy my life when you walk with me. Love you Crush.
You change my life after coming into my life.
Your love is my weakness and at the same time is also my strength.
Your love is enough for me. So, I am happy with your love my Dear Crush.
You filled my life with different colors, I love you Crush.
It is very easy for writers and poets to express their feelings and emotions in beautiful words but everyone is not a master or expert in it. It is difficult to show his or her love in words easily. For these people, a beautiful and sweet collection is available on the net and they can find Love Quotes For Crush without any problem and share their feelings with their crush. Your heart is full of beautiful feelings if you have a crush on someone. Everything around you looks charming and amazing. you enjoy every moment of your life thinking about your crush. These are very happy feelings. So, don’t waste your time and share your love with your loved one.

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