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12th Birthday Wishes

A 12th birthday is indeed a very special occasion for a child and also for their parents. Because after this year gradually he would be stepping into his teenage years. Which are said to be very tough for every parent. Because this is just because of at this age the child starts to think of himself as an adult. Now he/she begins to believe that they are grown up. And they can achieve anything in their life. Indeed many kids at that age can be a handful. Therefore you should strive to make their birthday as special as you can. Now there is a high possibility that from next year. And you would have to adopt many different approaches. Happy 12th Birthday Wishes always attract the child.

12th Birthday Wishes

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes For Son


  • You have twelve perfumes here. Now you are 12, make sure you enjoy every second of that particular age.

  • Happy birthday! Now you are 12, you finally get cool enough to socialism with the big people in the city, enjoy your day!

  • On this special day, you really have the right to celebrate something like a happy birthday!

  • There are definitely 12 months, one hour in an hour, one dozen eggs, sign signs and roses. The most important … VI!

  • Congratulations to my twelve year old dear son … can see you through the eyes of the child, but with the heart of the angel.

  • On my 12th birthday, someone shared an important thing that I want to share with you … Congratulations to the 12th anniversary!

  • I never encouraged you for your birthday. Congratulations on your birthday!

  • Happy birthday, my dear son, in some way you care for an eleven-year-old child. But it’s a great thing to make your maturity for your young look.

  • Hey, happy birthday! Another year and you will be a real teenager.

  • Happy Birthday! You’re not a big girl, but you’re a young woman. I love you just because of what you are today and what you become.

  • Congratulations 12th anniversary! Hope you feel special today. After all, celebrate your birthday every day.

  • Happy Birthday to You. At the age of 12, you are now very old to ruin your birthday, but you are still young and fall into real trouble, so be very careful!

  • 12 turning is really rising. Collect all your friends, jump, sing, dance and rock n Roll!

  • Hello birthday, big boy! You are already incredibly glad when you were born. That day, I plan to become more special and happier to you.

  • Happy birthday is my baby. You may be mature now, but for me you are still a sweet little girl I know.

  • You turn once only 12 times in your life, so you will have to work most of this day. Happi Birthdai!

  • Congratulations 12th anniversary! Now you have to use all the powers in your hands.

  • The recording of the paragraph is like the stars, because they are wonderful moments in our lives where you can wish in your eyes. Enjoy that moment, congratulations on the 12th birthday!

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes for a Boy:

  • The days of birth are very special, especially if they are very wonderful to you. Happy birthday!

  • Happi Birthdai! I hope that your 12th birthday will be so special that you will remember every moment of the next moment.

Most probably 12th year of age is quite difficult to tackle for the most parents as due to the minds of their child. Because child thinks about going higher and also achieving everything that they likes and they wants. It is also very difficult for the parents to choose and what to buy on his/her 12th birthday. You don’t know which present or gift is going to work. Because things always get replaced on regular basis and your child will become fed up of the one that you have brought for them. There is a different approach that they won’t be forgetting for the rest of their life and that is good ‘words’.

Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • Happy birthday! Hopefully your birthday will be 12 times better than you expect. If you really deserve great celebration, then pick and try!

  • You’re really special what your birthday should be a national holiday. I bet that all your friends and family will also think they will be absent from school to celebrate your special day.

  • Remember that you are older, I want to celebrate my special day. That’s why I love you more than every day.

  • Congratulations to your younger sister on your birthday. For a year and you will be a teenager, enjoy this year this year.

  • Happy birthday to my daughter! I can not believe you’ve been here for 4382 days. You really get old … enjoy and be happy!

  • Being 12 is really underestimated. Look at how cool you are! Happy Birthday!

  • You’re so cool, especially now that you’re 12 years old. So here are 12 cheers for you … hip hop clock for your birthday! Happy 12th birthday!

  • You’re so special to me. One day you’ll be famous. You may become a good footballer or firefighter. Whatever the future holds, always remember that we are here for you, now and forever. Happy 12th birthday, my dear boy!

  • Happy 12th birthday, my dear little princess. As a celebrity, I want to put myself in your place just for today, because you will be treated like a princess because you deserve only the best!

  • Have a magical 12th birthday for you. Today you will be a wonderful day when you blow 12 candles, swallow a lot of cakes and open as many gifts as possible.

  • Twelve wishes come true for each candle you smoke. If it’s too much, I’ll send you some of my wishes. Can you have a happy 12th birthday, darling!

  • Number 12 represents a dozen roses and twelve months a year. Now that you are 12, you will finally join this club for twelve years in life. Happy Birthday to You!

  • You deserve to have fun to the fullest. Remember, you eleven times in life.

  • Happy 12th birthday. Let your twelfth year be successful as the previous years of your life!

  • Happy Birthday! The more you celebrate and celebrate your life, the more it deserves to be celebrated in your life. Let your 12th birthday be as big as you!

  • Take the time to enjoy this year of your life because it’s absolutely incredible.

  • Happy 12th birthday, my son! I can not believe how fast time flies! Your twelfth birthday, have fun and try!

  • Birthday wishes for an incredible child. Happy 12th birthday … Next year, you will be a teenager, so take advantage of the young and active.

  • Awesome, crazy, enthusiastic, lively, versatile and fun … it’s noon and that’s what tells you! Happy Birthday!

  • Every candle you breathe will fulfill your desire. Happy 12th birthday!

Turning 12th year is an very important age that you have seen. It has probably finished elementary school and is about to. Naturally your children is now in its first year of junior high school. There are many hardships but knowing how amazing of a child it is. They are managing everything beautifully without asking to their parents. If you knew someone very special who is celebrating his or her 12th birthday. Then it would be a great time for you to send them very special Happy 12th Birthday Wishes on this special day.

12th Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes for 12 year old granddaughter

  • Happy twelfth birthday! Looks like you had only eleven o’clock yesterday.

  • If I had to guess your age, I would never think you were 12 years old. I think you have about 144 months. Happy 12th birthday!

  • Hey! I just want to wish you a happy 12th birthday!

  • 12 can be a difficult time. This year may be a time when you have to deal with bullying, strict parents, even in puberty. But do not worry, because it’s best to grow up in the Internet age. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! We want all your dreams and desires to pass on your birthday. Never forget that you have a blast!

  • Happy twelfth birthday! My wish is that all your birthday wishes will come true!

  • Looks like you were younger yesterday. Slowly … it’s not growing too fast, honey! Happy Birthday!

  • Your birthday marks the start of a wonderful year in a person’s life. Let’s celebrate and have an explosion! Happy twelfth birthday!

  • 24 hours does not seem long enough to celebrate a birthday. Happy 12th birthday, my dear nephew.

  • Are you really sure you are older? You never look older than many years ago!

  • Since it’s your birthday, you can definitely do what you want, provided you act at your age … happy twelfth birthday!

  • I wish to wish you a very nice 12th birthday, but I’d rather, happy birthday!

  • In my opinion, your birthday is really a good reason to celebrate. I celebrated less important opportunities!

  • Imagine if you were not born in our family. Now you will be without space, happy birthday, my little brother!

  • You may not be able to change your age, but you can still change the color of your hair. Happy 12th birthday!

  • If I tell you to have a very happy birthday, will you actually take my advice? Nevertheless, I wish that you will have a blast on this special day. Happy 12th birthday to you

  • Birth is a wonderful thing, especially if it is the fruit of someone as beautiful as you. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter

  • Happy 12th birthday! Your birthday is a big reminder that you are actually a human being. But sometimes I begin to think of you as a superhero for everything you can do from such young people. Happy birthday, young man

  • Even if you’re a year older, you’re still the nice boy I know. That’s why I’ll always treat you like your baby.

  • Stick to the old as a good wine, boy … And watch that you enjoy your 12th birthday.

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes & Messages

Parents are always wonder what they could give to their child, that would be very special to him on their birthday. If it would it be a gadget but a new model would come in a short while and that replace it. After some days they would soon have the great desire to have something else. Therefore parents have need to given the things that would always remain with them. Some heart touching words would do the trick. Parents have need to convey their love to them. Let him to know that no matter what you would always have back to them.

12th Birthday Wishes

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes For Girl & Boy

  • Every year, when you find yourself in life, there are enough reasons to celebrate. That’s what makes birthdays special.

  • Your life was a blessing for many people. Indeed, your birthday is a great reason to celebrate.

  • It’s hard to believe you’ll be a teenager next year! I hope your birthday is special.

  • I hope you enjoy the next year as you try to become a teenager and grow up a bit more.

  • Happy 12th birthday to someone who needs everything he wants on this special day and every day of the year.

  • Every day you grow a bit more and I hope you will be celebrated in this class of 12!When you’re 12, you’re a little closer to a teenager, then an adult … I hope your day is special.

  • I hope that your 12th birthday will be a birthday that you will remember all your life.

  • You have earned a birthday filled with fun and I hope your 12th birthday is special.

  • I hope you know how much you are loved to celebrate your 12th birthday with those who care about you.

  • Have your 12th birthday smile and receive all the gifts you have expected.

  • Have fun with your birthday and enjoy every moment of this special day.

  • Today everything is around you and I hope that you will feel that all of you celebrate on this twelfth anniversary.

  • Happy 12th birthday to someone who always cares about his surroundings and gives it to those who need it.

  • Happy 12th birthday to someone who grows up and matures every day.

  • The best wishes for twelve-year-olds, as well as birthday messages on this page, are unique and diverse as the 12 year old boy or girl you want to make happy (with one of your birthday wishes)

  • Being 12 years old is a big thing, 12 years old has a lot of benefits and a lot of things waiting for you. If you become an older blessing than most people appreciate and as someone close to a birthday or a girl, it is your duty to make this moment unforgettable.

  • You and 12 of them have a common, each year is twelve months old, the clock is twelve o’clock, and you now have twelve. You have a wonderful family because you’re great. Happy 12th birthday.

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes For Boy

  • A good start does not necessarily guarantee an excellent end, but it is very important for size. I hope you will be in the lead to start. Happy 12th birthday.

  • As young and cold as you look today, I can only compare you with something that is innocent gold, a lot of unused gold. Happy 12th birthday.

  • I wish you a happy twelfth birthday and I want to pray from the bottom of my heart so that you can not stop an obstacle from becoming big. Blessed be.

  • You feel warmer when you put your 12 candles on a heat sink, then hurry; blow them all away and make everyone get rid of these heat. Happy 12th birthday, my dear child. I love you!

  • You have become the happiest and most exciting part of my life because we are new friends here, but I feel like I have known you since ancient times. I like you. Happy 12th birthday, my best friend.

  • Stay active, live longer. You have a wonderful birthday. I wish you a happy birthday.

  • Live your life before he leaves your life. Enjoy every moment. I am with you forever. Have an exciting journey of life. Happy 12th birthday.

  • I hope that your creativity as a twelve-year-old boy will start to get a new form, a form that strives for professionalism. Happy 12th birthday, continue on, nothing is strong enough to stop you.

  • You are a fantastic boy and every one of your young man attributes does not go against that. I hope you enjoy this beautiful year. Happy 12th birthday.

  • Happy 12th birthday, now, I hope to see how you taste the world so you can decide who you want to be. Enjoy your special day and I hope you choose wisely.

  • Let things happen and see what happens in the end. All my wishes are with you. Happy 12th birthday, big boy.

  • You’re a funny boy, and every time you give me a business, my time is so sweet and tense. Happy 12th birthday.

  • The real life journey begins after your adolescence. Enjoy your life as much as you can. You are in the golden age of life. Happy 12th birthday.

  • Keep laughing, be free, feel joy, put aside all worries, capture harmony, forget pain and enjoy life. Happy birthday, sweetie.

  • Let your goal be happy in your life, not just making money and being rich. Happy 12th birthday to a beautiful girl.

  • Twelve is such a big number for a girl who looks like she was born yesterday. Your growth is faster than Ferrari speed. Happy 12th birthday girls.

  • It’s a great day to celebrate the birthday of a beautiful girl. I hope that nothing is missing you. Happy.

12th Birthday Wishes

Romantic Birthday wishes for girlfriend

  • There are rules and regulations that people must follow to obey God. I hope you follow while you are tall. It will make you a good person. Happy 12th birthday.

  • Happy 12th birthday, my dear son, I hope that you will continue to watch life with the appearance of the child as it is, it will give you a lot of joy. Enjoy the beauty of this era.

    Happy 12th Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • Now that you are too old for greetings and toys, it’s time to plan for your interests and your future. I hope you enjoy every month of the year. Happy 12th birthday.

  • The kind of pleasure I feel after seeing you riding a bicycle happily can not be compared to anything in the world. You are my life. Happy 12th birthday boy. Stay blessed.

  • Our reprimands were not meant to hurt you but to shape you. Happy 12th birthday. Enjoy this age.

  • The problems are not enough to stop me now, because I know that every time I come home from work, you will make it more difficult for me to forget all the problems. ?? Happy 12th birthday my embarrassing boy cool.

  • Happy 12th birthday, my sweet daughter, I pray this time is a precious advantage in your life as you grow old. Enjoy a nice and fun day.

  • Twelve-year-old lady always looks attractive for every day. I hope to see you shining on every corner of this wonderful time. Happy birthday girl. Daddy loves you.

  • Regardless of the path you lead, no matter which one you choose, your love is a thing that will sow forever in our hearts. Happy 12th birthday daughter. Enjoy your special day.

  • Your dad and I love you so much, but your birth has brought us so close. You have been blessed since the first day. Happy 12th birthday cute angel.

  • Now you have a lot of teeth and I want you to live and be old and bitchy. Happy 12th birthday for my sweet girl.

  • Some daughters are great and bring a lot of pride to their parents, and girls are like the sun that brings beauty to all things. You are our Sun. Happy your 12th birthday.

  • Ever since you’ve been with us, our whole world is famous for three things, Joey! Happiness! And love! May you never stop being a source of blessing. Happy 12th birthday cool nephew. You are loved.

In this article, you have get Top 100 Happy 12th Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl & Baby Boy. So now make your kid’s day more special and memorable with these beautiful precious words. Down the cursor and pick one from them. Make your child’s day unforgettable with these precious words.

Happy 12th Birthday 

You’re 12 years old and almost a teen, A time of great change and excitement. You’re growing up so fast, it seems, But I’ll always be here to protect you.

I know you’re going through a lot, With school and friends and hormones. But just remember, I’m always here, To listen and to offer advice.

So have a happy 12th birthday, And know that I love you very much. I’m so proud of the young person you’re becoming, And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

12th Birthday Wishes: Birthday Messages for 12 Year Olds:

For a girl or a boy, No matter the joy, On this day you’re 12, So let’s have some revelry!

Eat cake and ice cream, And play all day long. Forget about your homework, And just have some fun.

This is your day to shine, So let your light shine bright. You’re growing up so fast, But I’ll always be by your side.

So happy 12th birthday, To a special child of mine. I love you more than words can say, And I’m so proud of you.

I hope you have a wonderful day, Filled with joy and laughter. And may the year ahead be filled With all the things you’ve ever wanted.

Sure, here is the rewritten article:

Funny 12th Birthday Wishes:

12 is a great age to be. You’re old enough to do all sorts of things, but you’re still young enough to have fun. So here are some funny birthday wishes for the 12-year-old in your life:

  • “Happy 12th birthday! You’re now officially a tween, which means you’re almost a teenager. But don’t worry, you’re still a few years away from getting a driver’s license and having to pay taxes. So enjoy your freedom while you can!”
  • “I hope this next year is as fun and eventful as your first twelve have been. You’ve accomplished a lot in such a short time, and I can’t wait to see what you do next. But please, no more ‘tween’ fashion trends. I beg of you.”
  • “You’re growing up so fast, and I’m so proud of the person you are becoming. But I’m also starting to forget what size shoes you wear. Can you please remind me?”

Here are some other funny things you can say to a 12-year-old on their birthday:

  • “Happy 12th birthday! You’re now old enough to start thinking about your future. But don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to figure it out.”
  • “I remember when you were just a little kid. Now you’re 12 years old and almost a teenager. Where did the time go?”
  • “You’re such a great kid. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Happy 12th birthday!”

No matter what you say, make sure it’s from the heart. And most importantly, have fun!

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