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funny Good night MAssages for love


Nowadays our life is filled with stress and worries. We don’t find time to get peace and take some rest because of our heavy work routine. Life is boring for us and we don’t know how to get comfortable for a short period of time. When we get a funny good night message from our loved ones, our friends, relatives, colleagues, or fellows then this plays a magical trick on our minds.

Funny Good Night Messages | Wishes | Quotes:

Funny Good Night Messages

I turn myself into a phone bug every night around this time that can pass through your mobile phone frequencies and kill your phone. Ok, I should say good night before it’s too late, then!

I always enjoy your friendship, so when you wish me a good night, my favourite moment with you by far is!  When we don’t chat all day, don’t you love it, but we need to give a text needing a nice night?

Unfortunately, all of the power in my body has been drained, so I need to take a few hours to re-energize myself. Instead of leaving you chatting in the open, I would rather say good night!

Can this night’s darkness make all your dark thoughts and fantasies look true tonight. Only sleep tight and don’t be afraid.

I had a dream last night, a weird, mad dream after watching a thriller, and I watched a slasher film tonight. Let’s see the visions that await me this evening.

Funny Good Night Messages For Him:

We feel relax for a short period of time by reading some funny goodnight messages received from our good fellow.  receiving funny good night messages from our loved ones will make our boring day in to a very excitement one and we can defiantly have some peaceful sleep with a deep breath. We can smile for a while after reading those cute and funny good night messages.

I have just had a nightmare that aliens stole you. If it’s good or evil, I don’t know… Hey pal, I’m kidding! Wishing you good night, nightmares-free!

When you are in the middle of a conversation and the other one falls asleep without saying good night, isn’t it awkward? Glad that this is only the first time that’s happened to us. So, embrace me good night dude early.

Waking up to the little text chime that says you it’s time for bed is the best part of falling asleep on the sofa.

I wish the moon could be me. I’d give you whatever to watch you nap. Your elegance is unparalleled and makes it appear faint to the North Star. May your hopes be incredible and may your rest be abundant.

I know it’s hard for you to fall asleep without me, but let that be the greatest inconvenience of your life. We’ll never be apart anytime soon, sweet dreams.

Tomorrow, you’re going to have a long day and lay down to bed. Even if I am not with you physically, but permanently in my head, I am still with you. Dreams of sweetness.

Even if after a long day you’re exhausted and don’t look 100 percent at all I do love you 1000 percent! Oh, good night.

The most gorgeous man wishes the prettiest lady in the world a good night!

Keep your phone really close because it’s a hug in disguise from me for this text message. Wishing you a wonderful night. Tight sleep.

To my love, on this wonderful night, sweet dreams to you. Will your dreams be full of incredible stuff and lots of positive things!

funny Good night MAssages for love

Sweet Funny Good Night Messages For Her:

Along with this funny goodnight messages can make your loved ones feel relax and they can spend a stress less night just with the help of your sweet and funny good night messages. When you are close to some one you wants to make them okay for a short period of time. You want to make them relax from their hectic work routine.

Nice dreams come so close your eyes to those who sleep and go to sleep! When you are wide awake, your dreams can’t come! Shut the peepers down and get a little sleep!

Let your dreams glow softly, and may your knight come and say goodnight to you. You are a princess, and you deserve the most best night to have.

May your imagination go crazy and your dreams be full of the most incredible fun! Marshmallow clouds and fuzzy dogs, chocolate trains and golden cars.

Brighter than any star in the sky, you shine. You are more brilliant than all of Tiffany’s jewels. You’re smart, funny and loving. I hope it will fill your dreams with syrupy sugar and chocolate hearts. Goodnight, princess of mine. Dreams of sweetness.

I hope that your sleep will be packed with visions that will motivate you to wish you a good night.

When the night comes, I tend to miss you dearly and we have to say goodnight to each other but I’m glad you can take a break after all the toils of the long day. Have a nice night, my love!

I have no doubt you are the reason why every night the moon and stars light up. Get a night full of visions of sweetness!

It is my prayer that your pillow will unleash nothing but the sweetest of dreams for you tonight as you close the day with sleep. Only sleep good!

You make my life seem so wonderful and sexy. Wishing you a good night’s sleep here!

Will your sleep melt away all your worries and offer you the power you need tomorrow to carry out your tasks. Oh, good night!

Funny Good Night Wishes For Friends:

With all their might the stars are shining enough to guarantee that your night remains as calm as heaven. Tight sleep!

I wish the moon could be me. I’d give you whatever to watch you nap. Your elegance is unparalleled and makes it appear faint to the North Star. May your hopes be incredible and may your rest be abundant.

Feel free to let the toes poke out from under the sheets. No boogeyman would dare to go out right next to you with me. Bugs of bed? Even around for me. Sleep tight, my beauty!

Twinkle, little star’s twinkle. How do I know where you are? So high up in the horizon, there you are, I wish that you were mine. Twinkle, little star’s twinkle. Am I able to hold you close or far away? Goodnight, my shining little light.

I wish you, my Princess, the sweetest wishes! Rest your back and shut your eyes on your pillow. I’m going to be right beside you. In our dreams, let’s meet together! Where can we go?

You r little effort of sending funny good night messages will make your loved ones feel okay when they are depressed. Along with this when your friends and family had a long boring day then your funny good night messages will create a sweet smile on their face and they can feel okay for some time. Its not easy to make some one smile but we can try our best by sending some funny good night messages to our fellows.

funny good nite msg

Dreaming of me is the only way you can be confident about a sweet dream. Tight sleep!

Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Her:

Don’t forget to give me a nice message at night, because I’m not going to sleep until I have it. Have an amazing sleep!

It is my wish that as much as the fish enjoys being in water, you will enjoy your sleep. Have a nice night!

Are you sure of why we shut our eyes? When do we beg, when do we weep, when do we dream? Since the most outstanding things in life are hidden and sensed only by the heart, my worship is Goodnight.

Pondering your mode initiated! Missing you in advance! On the off chance to deactivate the thought mode, you are the wakeful reaction. Farewell!

Let the best dream come to you today, let the best person come to your imagination this evening, just don’t make it a propensity, because every night, good night, I’m not free!

Did you figure out about the young lady who was so excited about street protection that white was normally wearing around night time? She had ruined a snow furrow the previous year! Farewell!

Welcome to the Carriers of Sweet Dreams. We’ll be arriving at Dreamland in the blink of an eye. Lock your eyes, attach sheets, puff the pillow, and plan to nap off! Farewell!

I’m the key authorised seller for fun evening wishes, an incredibly special good night wish only for you to be careful with modest copies. Adieu, sweet dreams!

Today, when you reached the hay, I asked the bats to watch you closely. I’m going to ask Dracula to kiss your neck with those apparitions to shift in white just to make sure you’re okay. Good night, good night…

good nite massages for my love

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Her:

I see you every time I look at the ceiling, every time I look at the mirror, I see just you, but every time I eat my dinner, I hate to see you. Will I be happy if I see you? Ok, goodnight sister.

For a sleepy reason, at a sleepy time, on a sleepy day, in a sleepy mood, to say, sleep well, please, from a sleepy friend.

I’ve been getting various kinds of slaps, but the last one your grandma gave me sent me to heaven alive. Goodnight.

Do not sleep so tight until you can’t hear. When I was at your house earlier I saw bed bugs. Be on the lookout. Goodnight my friend,

Hi my mate! Night is my word. I came here to take your tension down to kill your stress. My weapon is deep sleep and Sweet Dream is my path. So please kindly cooperate and give yourself up! Happy night & sweet dreams!

Everybody’s got an irritating pal. It’s probably you, if you don’t have one. My dear friend, have a wonderful night!

Try not to squander pondering your forgotten life, Don’t wait idly around to arrange your future, Best with that time kill sum mosquito So that you can relax better. Good night, good night.

Sending you my bed to relax, cushions to support you, and my cover to keep you warm. Because I don’t have a bed, I can’t relax now! Goodnight, my fucking crush!


You’re a rare team in the food eating competition, so I declined to call you, so please don’t think I’m stingy, I’ll do it next time. Goodnight, Lolz.

Some people said I’m a glutton, so I told them that if you’re not a glutton, I’m going to die of malnutrition soon. Am I cruel at all? Goodnight Bestie.

I had a nap and I had a nightmare. You were being chased by an alien and you were fleeing for your life. Again, I sleep so that I can fulfil the fantasy. Tomorrow, I will tell you what ended up happening. Oh, good night!

Can you, like the darkness of the night, have dark and horrible dreams. Good night and don’t be afraid, please. Lolz!-Lolz!

You are my one and only chocolate, and I will continue to chew you until it’s enough for you to scream, leave me for my children, my sweetheart’s good-night.

This night is dark as if a black paint, please take your night shower with a black paint and get more fun out of it. If I don’t worry, who’s going to? Dear Mate, sleep well!

Ensure that you smile when you sleep, otherwise just keep still for the next day. Oh, goodnight.

I want to talk, but I’m already dropping my phone on my forehead. In the morning, I’ll talk to you. Good night man!

Good Night Messages for Her Long Distance:

When you are in the middle of a conversation and the other one falls asleep without saying good night, isn’t it awkward? Glad because it’s only the first time this is going to happen to us. So, embrace my good night early on, I don’t know whether or not I was meant to warn you about this, but I saw something really odd behind your house tonight. Don’t be scared. Tight sleep. Tomorrow we’ll talk about this.

These messages can be sent to anyone in your life. Like you can send funny good night messages to your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, relative, husband, wife and many more. These relationships need some time from you and when you send them some funny good night message you can let them know that they are somewhere available in your mind and you remember them even at the end of their day.

When someone is close to us we miss them all day long and even at the night they are still on our mind. We want to get close to them and want some sweet good night wishes from them. So, some funny goodnight messages comes from our friends and family we appreciate it and love it . In the funny good night messages you can add some cute GIFs showing some love and care in a funny way.

You are getting a beautiful collection of some funny good night messages that you can use to make your boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, or friend okay and relax when they are in a bad mood. Hopefully, the below list will help you at some point and from this amazing collection you can help out your loved ones from a stressful life by sending some funny goodnight messages. These funny goodnight messages will surely create a beautiful smile on their face and they can have a peaceful sleep all night long.

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