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38th happy birthday Wishes


We all know people get tired of hearing age-related jokes on their 38th happy birthday wishes but I think every year there is an old saying that listening to happy birthday is so tiring.  There is nothing wrong with that but we use it every year.

38th happy birthday Wishes

38th Happy Birthday Wishes:


Millions of people want to say happy birthday on your important day!

Great year ahead! Happy Birthday to you


Good luck to you in the years to come. Many many happy returns of the day.


Throw out the candles and make a wish. Happy Birthday on starting of your new year of life


Halloween! Happy birthday with a lot of good wishes


Happy Birthday! Good wishes. Happy life and a lot of many new year’s.

Happy birthday to you.


Happy new year in your old age with no teeth in your jaw! Have fun dear on your special day


Happy Birthday. Did you know that you are one of the few people in the world that I can truly love?


Happy birthday to you!

Have fun! Enjoy your special day with a lot of fun.


Happy birthday. Have a great time.

Have a nice day. HBD!


Birthdays come with this happiness and love, today, my heart is full of two.  Happy 38th birthday to you.


38 happy to thank you for celebrating you 38th birthday. You are  so grateful to be alive and to have the privilege of celebrating next year. Happy birthday.


You respect your unique life. I appreciate your confidence in your skin and your life satisfaction. Happy birthday.


 You look back on the years, and know that you are forever grateful to be alive this time. Happy 38th birthday to me.

38th birthday wishes to friend

38th Birthday Wishes To Friend:

This is a bouquet of happiness for you. Happy birthday Wishes for you.


How old are you again? 38?! Hii! Old man/women. HBD with a lot of best wishes.


I say you will never stop enjoying a little time in your life. Enjoy many happy years more.


I’m glad you were born on this day. Always remember happy with new many years with happiness


It was another year, and you still have it.

It’s time to celebrate! Let’s have a party!


We are raising the toast for you and your life. Happy Birthday dear.


Many days, months and years will come to you. Happy Birthday.


Make this day as special as you are. Let’s have a great party!

No matter how many candles you blow, yes. Get rid of them all, I wish you the best!


May your day be filled with sweetness and cake? Happy Birthday!

Send laughter and joy on your way. Stay happy life.


I pray for your health. For your happiness. With a lot of happiness of special day.

38th happy birthday Wishes

I pray every day for you who are filled with beer and happiness. Happy Birthday to you.


We know that we are often just what we needed for our birthday. That he might not be remembered. Happy 38th birthday to you!



I wish you great and wonderful Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and lots of fun! Enjoy this day. You deserve it. Happy 38th birthday to you!



Forget the past, I hope for the future for the best still to come.

Happy 38th birthday to you!



I look forward to your first 20 minutes brings you success and happiness, good friends and fun


Happy 38th birthday to you!



The dancing star and about if you were born. Happy 38th birthday to you!



Let us get drunk and healthy meal. It is your 38th birthday. Happy 38th birthday to you!



If things get better age, 38 years respecting nature. Happy 38th birthday to you!


You are now 38 years old. Time to get to know the idea and 40 is nearby. So create your youth had a great 38th party. Happy 38th birthday to you!


 Beautiful East,but the west is like that He is thirty eight years old today don’t regret. Collect products for life will be quiet you will be the happiest. You are used to Happy 38th birthday!


Sometimes you meet someone. If you know who you are therefore it must first be true, because you didn’t do anything may be severe or may disappear very bad, because he gave it to you with that. Happy 38th birthday!



It’s your birthday. Hello. On the wings of a bird. Not only today but it happens every day I always miss you with all my love. Happy 38th birthday!


38 and forever, child in the heart. Happy 38th birthday!



You can go through the message and choose the one that best reflects your feelings today. Of course, I’m sure you’ll see more than one.


Congratulations on your wonderful 38th birthday, great hero of the day! Happy birthday!



The New Year is another opportunity in life, I am grateful that I was given the other one, the 38th. Happy birthday!


 At 38, I wish you a long life and prosperity, and love and joy, and a happy life. Happy birthday.



When I am thirty – eight years old I will be filled with all the blessings of life and I will be crowned with all the desires of my heart. Happy birthday.

38th happy birthday Wishes

38th Birthday Wishes for Daughter / Son:


I am very happy, watch you grow up, see who you are. What a gift to have a boy like you. Happy 38th birthday to you!


 I was shocked, smart, beautiful child. Happy 38th birthday to you!


 We should teach our daughters the difference between a man and a woman. Who praises her with a man he spends money on it.  A lot of Happy Birthday wishes for you.


The man looked at it as property and the man looked at her intently. I hope you see the type of man. Happy 38th Birthday!


38th Happy Birthday To Me:


What a beautiful day the 38-year-old sent me into the land of the living! What can I do but thank the Almighty? Happy birthday.



Let all that see me rejoice: for God hath dealt bountifully with me, and hath given me another year. Happy birthday.



May God bless me so abundantly? 38 years of life, and I stand tall and strong. Happy birthday.


Live the rest of my days! I am grateful for the past 38 years, looking forward to many more full years ahead. I had a wonderful nice birthday for myself.

May this New Year I enter today give me the best my heart desires? Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you. I pray long life and prosperity for myself, God’s blessing and favor. Congratulations on my new year! Happy 38th birthday to me.


This is the joy of 38 years of being wonderful, awesome, and being the best person on Mother Earth. Happy birthday!


I made it through another great, happy birthday to my 38 year old!



Thank you for being a beautiful 38 year old woman, my father’s birthday.



I will enjoy every moment of my 38 years of life thank you so much for every day I go to life.


Confession: I am the coldest 38-year-old you know. It was a beautiful birthday to me.


 It is the day of the celebration of the thirty-eighth birthday. It will be a great year and a birthday.



It is a special feeling that awakens for my 38 days today.

I am grateful and excited for everything I do at 38 years old.



So I am 38 now and I am still a child in my heart; ready for more fun and humor.


The best now is thirty-eight people. Happy birthday!


 Greet the 38-year-old newcomers to the world. Allowing me to be happy all year long

50+ Happy 38th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2022

38th Funny Birthday Wishes:


 I have great advice. Tell everyone you are 38 today, then you will be next year. spend your birthday more quietly. Happy 38th birthday!


 I know you don’t want to be strong. You don’t want to be motivated. But still congratulations on your 38th birthday!


 Who knows, it would be good. Happy 38th birthday!


Happy 38th anniversary of my friend. I’m sure I will.  We can endure until we reach 50. Happy 38th birthday!



38th Birthday Wishes for Husband | Wife:


Thank you for all you give, love, care, time and attention. I hope we have a relationship leave it forever. Enjoy your special day! My dear husband, have a 38th year!


 You are the most loved and enjoyed is on this floor. I like you from the bottom of my heart. I want 38 happy with you. Happy birthday my good husband


 I love you more than words can say. Congratulations on your 38th birthday!


In the kitchen and garden. You are an assistant. It was done today cakes and beautiful gifts. We will dance, sing and have fun. On the occasion of your 38th birthday.

When you have a close friend or close relative coming in next year, you will want to do your best to make that day memorable for them. You can also plan a birthday event, party, or dinner at your favorite restaurant or you may want to give your guest a birthday card with a few words to customize his or her happy birthday that gave a sense of happiness. Happiness words are never forgotten. If you are looking for tips on how to turn someone’s happy birthday wishes into tears of joy this is a good place for 38th happy birthday wishes words.

On this page, you will find the best birthday words. Words that will bring joy, happiness, and comfort to your loved ones. Find a word or message that works for you and change it accordingly. The purpose of this list is to help you create your birthday wishes.

38 birthday quotes

There are countless ways to deliver birthday greetings. All we have to do is tap into the stream of ingenuity. We can be inventive, funny, witty, or clever about it. What’s important is that the message remains intact. So let us help you with this collection of alternative ways to say happy birthday. Instead of the usual birthday greetings, choose some new words that can make your birthday better. Say happy birthday to your loved one warmly and make him happy.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Don’t be surprised if we have a white greeting card in front of us to write a birthday greeting if you think you can’t put a pen on a piece of paper. Most of us, especially our loved ones, have a sense of humor. Surely the birthday boy knows how much you love him. So you don’t mind reminding him of that happy birthday wishing.

Use a well-designed greeting card or birthday party package to go along with your birthday wishes. You can combine your favorite birthday or birthday photo in a holiday photo book or birthday calendar to remind you of your love for a few years.

We all know that people get tired of hearing jokes of the year on their birthdays, but I think it’s also tired of hearing the old “happy birthday” saying every year. While there is nothing wrong with deleted phrases, we can always do well.

The purpose of this list is to help you create your own content and desires! There are many ways to give you a happy birthday. All we have to do is enter the stream of intelligence. We can be creative, funny, and creative or know something about it. The important thing is that the message is consistent.

So help yourself to a list of other ways to “happy birthday to you!” Break the rules and light up the ceremony.

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