100+ Cute Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl & Baby Boy

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100+ Cute Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl & Baby Boy

Turning into 5 years old is a very big milestone. Little baby girls and boys are active, smart, playful in this age. Also even a little on the rough and noisy side for someone.

Birthday of a fifth year old child is a very special occasion not just for the birthday baby. But also for the family and their closest friends as well. In this life stage, a child is fully ready for going to school. He becomes a sensible little bit. He knows what kind of things and people are beneficial for him.

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes and messages attract the birthday baby is a very amazing way. This birthday is in between 4th birthday and 6th birthday.

Cute Happy 5th Birthday Wishes

5th Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 5th birthday, you are a wonderful child and I hope you enjoy this day. I love you so much and I hope you will always remember that you count a lot for me.

  • Although 5 is the number of accounts, you are the most unbalanced five years I know, but it makes you cool and I love you for it. May all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday

  • They are number 5 of the most important things for which I am happy in my life. Today, you are fifth and I am really happy with your growth. Congratulations on your 5th birthday.

  • On one hand, you are a sweet and cuddly baby. Second, you are the sun that illuminates my world. Third, you are my rainbow after the rain. Four, you’re the hot chocolate fondant on my sundae. Five, my life is so sweet since I got you! Happy 5th birthday, my heart.

Look at you! You now have one more year for every finger of your hand! I want you to put those five fingers together, punch and put it in the air as you sing and dance today at your birthday party because it will be the best day of your life! I promise. Happy Birthday

5th Happy Birthday Wishes:

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes: A birthday day is very important for everyone no matter what age group but a birthday is very important day for everyone and very special in which people feel happy and relieved and it is celebrated in different ways. If any child in your household or family relatives has turned five then you will surely want to congratulate them in the best way that makes them feel special.


  • This is your fifth birthday, my dear, I hope you enjoy this day and all that goes with the cake, sweets and all your friends. Enjoy your birthday!

  • Happy fifth birthday, you make me proud, happy, happy and I will always be your biggest fan. I love you so much.

  • What a beautiful day! The room is filled with your colorful gifts, your adorable and adorable friends and your huge birthday cake! Best fifth birthday!

  • Since the last 1826 days of my life, 1825 and today must be my favorite because it is the day of your birth and today you become all-powerful 5! Happy Birthday

  • Happy 5th birthday, adorable young man, at one point you will experience great things because you are beautiful. Enjoy this special year and every day that takes place there.

  • You are the coolest kid. Happy fifth birthday. Smile. You are awesome!

  • As you drive on the seas of your life, driven by the gentle breeze of your laughter, lower the sails of happiness and enjoy this wonderful journey. Happy 5th birthday, my little sailor.

  • Time and again, day after day, our numbers count quickly and age is turning. We grow old and grow, God protect you and guide you. Happy 5th birthday.

  • I wonder why your mother and I do not call you cute, because that’s your real identity when someone looks at you. Congratulations on your 5th birthday. May you enjoy the longevity of life.

  • Whatever you want to be in the future, be it a life-saving doctor, a world-traveling driver, or a president who changes the world, you will surely succeed. A child as bright as you can do anything! Super fifth birthday!

  • There is nothing I would not do for my 5 year old darling. Have fun for your birthday, my heart, I love you.

  • When I was told that my wife had given birth to a girl, I was scared because I thought she would love me less. But I’m glad you love me even more than you. Happy 5th birthday.

  • It’s a happy day! It’s a fun day! It’s your birthday! Blow all the candles at once! Dance and sing with your friends and go around, go, go! Oh yes, you can not eat your cake at once! Super fifth birthday, little jester!

    5th year Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 5th birthday, you are such a princess and I am happy that you become a beautiful queen. I wish you the best, always kind.

  • Every year, they have become adorable, cooler and, of course, bigger! Congratulations on your 5th birthday!

  • Congratulations on your 5th birthday! It will be a good time to be alive because I have something that is guaranteed to make you scream.

  • Congratulations on your 5th birthday! You are free to skip your homework and eat a lot, until your stomach is like Winnie the Pooh!

  • You amaze me every day, kid. It’s amazing how fast you grow up and even more amazing how fast you learn. Congratulations on your 5th birthday! Do not age too fast.

As far as a five years old child is concerned the age is old enough for a child even she is a baby girl or even a baby boy. In this age, the baby knows how to learn, how to read and also understand what has been written. Today children at this stage of life are also into social media. And operate the different sites be like professionals. Happy Birthday 5 yr old  Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, and sayings have become a vital element.

1st Birthday wishes

When it becomes someone’s birthday. Many people always prefer wishing a happy birthday to the birthday person. With a happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes that are both appealing and exciting.

Awesome 5th Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl & Baby Boy

  • On your 5th birthday, you can have everything with your friends, finish your big and delicious chocolate cake, and take a nap. After all, it’s your birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! You are loved by your family! We are glad that you are our son! There is no one in the world whom we could love more!

  • F I V E is fantastic, incredible, bright and full of energy. Happy Birthday, little tiger.

  • It’s a sunny day, because it’s your birthday, son! Everything is better because I can imagine how you were born today! I smile even more than you can make me smile! Happy birthday to a boy who is good and a wonderful son!

My sweet little girl, hold my hand and I will never let go, even if the stars stop shining and the sun does not rise. When the world goes around in circles and you do not know where to go, my arms are a hiding place for you. Your love is my trophy and your happiness is my heartbeat. Always remember that I am here no matter where you go. Best fifth birthday, my love.


5th Birthday Wishes For Daughter:

Five year old boy should send cute birthday messages, love history, and beautiful words full of devotion to make him feel special. A five-year-old should send you beautiful wishes and you should be someone, who remembers after his fifth birthday until he’s old enough to have a working memory. If you send special words to a five-year-old child on his birthday, you will make a beautiful card for the child and write congratulations to him, then surely he will keep it and remember you in a beautiful way.

  • Happy Birthday to our little son! I hope your day is great fun, like you! I hope you run all day with your friends! I hope you know how much your family loves you!

  • Five is not a baby anymore, but you will always be in our eyes, our little angel. Happy Birthday!

  • Being your mother is the greatest thing in the world! I like spending time with you! You make me smile so much that my face is funny! Happy Birthday, son!

  • We are very happy to have a wonderful son who knows how to tie his own shoes, clean his own toy and give us Hello and good kissing every day! Do not grow too fast! Happy Birthday, our little soldier.

  • Your teacher always tells us how nice you are and how good you are in kindergarten! It’s nice to hear what your mother and I already know about you! We are very proud of you! Happy Birthday!

  • A wonderful child like you deserves a wonderful life in the future. Your presence has honored us with boundless unimaginable joy. Happy 5th birthday.

  • Happy birthday child! I hope you can play with all your toys and have fun at your birthday party! I hope you see all your friends in kindergarten and spend the best moments together!

  • Fill your cup with your favorite ice cream on this extraordinary day: strawberry bliss, chocolate treat, vanilla hope, biscuits and wild cream, and mint chocolate for your enjoyment. Have fun Today is your 5th birthday!

  • I want you to know the day of your birthday, my boy, how happy I am that you are my son! You always make me smile! I am very happy if I come pick you up in kindergarten and you talk to me about it! Happy Birthday, son!

  • May this 5th Anniversary offer you infinite health, infinite energy, endless smile and immense sun! Have fun, kid.

  • I hope for every candle that you extinguish, a wish comes true. So you should think about it, because you have 5 things to do, a candle, in addition to your cake on the fantastic evening that will soon be celebrating the birthday of our beloved grandson. Happy Birthday, Grandpa / Grandma

    Happy Birthday Wishes for 5 Year old

    Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For Daughter

It signifies that this is a great birthday for your child. Because now your child is no longer a little baby. But now he or she is a young child ready to experience the world. The birthday of your child always can be met with some trepidation. Just because it’s also an essential reminder that time has passed by so fast.


2nd Birthday wishes

There is nothing more quite as sweet and so much touching. As the expression on a child’s face no matter how young or old they are. When he or she opens the birthday card that includes a very personal birthday message and wishes written just for them.

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For Daughter and Son

5th Birthday Quotes Messages

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl & Baby Boy

When a five-year-old child holds his fifth birthday card that you sent him, he smiles and is happy every moment he sees the card you sent him. Five years old memories are rarely remembered but if you send a beautiful card with beautiful words to a child, he will always remember him and he will also remember you in good words. The best day to show love to a child is their birthday. On this special occasion, arrange different gifts for them, arrange different types of cards for them and if possible, something for them.  A small party can also be arranged.

But the best way out of all these ways is to collect a collection of beautiful words for them and send them beautiful words that are full of love. If you are looking for beautiful words, then we have found the solution for your problem. We have collected here for you a collection of many beautiful words that you can read and send to your children to express your love.

  • Congratulations on your fifth birthday for a boy who looks a lot like everyone else, except for something that does his homework. I hope that today, since you are 5 hours, you often do your homework. Enjoy your day.

  • I send you all the love in my heart, my son! Your birthday means that I have to smile even more, thinking of you! Your birthday means that I can hold you in my arms, even firmer! Your birthday means better that I can look at you and your eyes light up when you smile at me!

  • For my little smart niece, I’ve never seen a girl your age with so much passion that I’m getting better every day. I’m proud of you. Happy 5th birthday, my love.

  • Happy birthday to a wonderful little boy! You improve everything! Your smile can make everyone happy and make you smile again! Your jokes make everyone laugh! Have a very special day!

  • Whatever you are, even if I do not seem to understand, I’m sure you’ll be great tomorrow. Happy Birthday my brother.

  • You are my little princess who brings me all the luck in this universe. When you become taller and more beautiful, always remember that you are my paradise. Happy 5th birthday.

  • Happy 5th birthday, you will always be the coolest boy I know. I love you so much and I hope you know it.

  • Hip, hip, hurray, my sweet little girl is 5 years old today. For the 5th anniversary, you deserve five greetings! Happy 5th birthday, my beautiful princess.

  • My sweet brother was five years old; It’s a beautiful day. Happy 5th birthday! Enjoy your day with your nice little friends.

  • Happy birthday blessed, kid. They bring everyone with you an immense joy. May your life be full and happy. Happy 5th birthday.

  • Do not waste your time installing new game apps or counting the number of likes on your photo. It’s your time to blow out all the candles. Happy Birthday, the best niece.

  • Today is your big day and I hope that life will always give you love, joy, peace and pleasure. Happy 5th birthday, my sweet angel.

  • You are my passionate, energetic and lively child. I’m so happy to have a revealing brother. Happy 5th birthday.

  • I wish the most wonderful person of my life a happy 5th birthday filled with all the magic of the world. May your heart know endless happiness. I love you

  • When I got you, you were like a teddy bear to me, but now I realize that you’re growing up fast and soon have your own teddy bear. Have fun sis.

  • Happy 5th birthday, sweetheart. Thank you for being a wonderful child and for putting all the joy of this universe in my heart.

  • Have fun and create new memories. Someday you will remember those days. Happy Birthday, my angel.

    Happy 5th Birthday Princess

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For Son

Reaching the age of five is an important milestone for a child and it is a day that calls for a big celebration. A five-year-old child may not understand much birthday celebration even at this age, but sending birthday messages to someone’s child will definitely be appreciated by their parents and you will be respected by them. If you know a child around you who is celebrating his fifth birthday and wants to talk to you, then you need beautiful words, beautiful congratulations, then you are at the right place.  Words will find loving words that you can send to wish your birthday.  Both babies and toddlers look very beautiful when they are walking around their homes dressed in beautiful clothes.

 3rd birthday wishes

It always makes a great heart sing for you. When you have look amazing happiness and also delight on your child’s face. When they read birthday wish and also the messages that you have written for them in their birthday cards. Only wishes and messages, however, are really difficult to produce. And sometime that may not be able to think of the perfect words that describe your deep love and happiness towards the event.

Best Birthday Messages for 5 years old

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For Son

  • They are nothing less than a miracle for us. Thank you for blessing us over a billion times each day. Happy 5th birthday, son.

  • You are about to create beautiful memories. You can also double them as twins. Enjoy the great phase of life. A happy childhood and a fifth birthday.

  • 5 is a great age! All you have to do is take care of the milk, clean your toys and overwhelm your parents with love! Super fifth birthday.

  • It’s time to get together to remove all packaging and enjoy your gifts. Happy 5th birthday for the best twins in the world.

  • Happy birthday our little prince. At the age of five, women are already in sight. Such a charmer!

  • Childhood is like a rush. Except that you all know what you did. And if we have twins ?! It’s a big problem. 😀 Have fun.

  • All you need in this life is a loving heart and a soft, gentle soul, and you are clearly so! Super fifth birthday.

  • Your presence creates an insatiable joy in me, that your life is a good life to give us more joy in the future. Happy 5th birthday, sweet nephew.

  • I feel an uncontrollable joy when we are at this time of the year: happy 5th birthday, my little darling, you’re sweet as a bar of chocolate

  • Congratulations on your fifth birthday, my dear nephew, you are the most creative, sweetest and sweetest child I know, and I hope you enjoy this day and all that goes with it.

  • I wish you a party for the 5th anniversary of chocolate and sweets; Today is the only official day where you can eat whatever you want.

  • Enjoy the happy days of life without stress, without worries, without worries or problems of the world. This is pure time for your pure soul. Good nephew Bday!

  • Congratulations to the new 5 year old boy from the city, show him what you found on the dance floor. It’s your day when no one can steal your lighthouses.

  • Children are the heritage of the Lord and they are rewarded by him. I am happy to have you as the reward of the Supreme Being, I will not exchange you for nothing. Happy 5th birthday, granddaughter.

  • Congratulations on the 5th birthday of my lovely and adorable nurse. I know you will become a charming and intelligent citizen.

  • You are a great addition to my life, you make me a happy grandmother and I love to share your fifth birthday with you. Happy Birthday my heart !!

  • Although you are five years old today, you are showing the maturity of an elder. I can not wait until you grow up. Happy birthday to my little bundle of joy.

  • This is your fifth birthday and I am happy to participate in this day. It’s enough for me to see your smile open your birthday presents.

  • May all your wishes come true, my sweet 5 year old, you are a blessing to us all and we love you more than you can imagine.

  • My little man becomes a beautiful little man of 5 years. May this day bring you joy, love and many happy memories, my darling. Happy Birthday!

  • You say that I am your inspiration? That you want to be like me when you’re older. What if I told you that I want to be like you? Happy 5th birthday. To the little guy

  • Childhood dreams are as innocent as we are, but memories are the eternal treasures of our lives. I wish you a happy 5th birthday, my grandson.

  • May you never be limited in life and your environment will make you truly great in this generation. Congratulations on your 5th birthday. May God grant you a long life and good health.

  • Happy 5th birthday, sweetie, it’s time to start number 4 and accept your new age. My wish for you is that you can grow taller, brighter, healthier and warmer.

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For girl

Wishing happy birthday is the only way that shows your deep love for your child. And that you think about them and that you are so happy to have them in your precious life. In this article, I have written Top 100 Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl & Baby Boy.

Happy 4th Birthday wishes

These happy 5th birthday wishes are present on this site free of cost just for you. Users can be used just for the sake of providing the birthday boy/girl. With the best happy birthday gift with happy 5th birthday wishes that one could give. Because there is no better event than the birthday of your dear child.

Wish them in the best way so that they can be happy all day long and look forward to their new birthday. Here are a few messages you can ship off that charming, adorable five year old in your day-to-day existence, to show them you will constantly show up for them, on their birthday and every single occasion of their life. Top 5 birthday wishes

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes For Boy

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